Fangirls: Please Educate Us Ignorant Fanboys!

Renge wants YOU to set us straight!

We have, at last, retired the venerable and successful “Favorite Fanboy Fetish” poll. Thanks to the nearly 400 of you who voted! I have even analyzed some of the results in my anime and gender and lust article. In the spirit of equal time, then, we’ve unveiled a parallel poll: “Favorite Fangirl Fetishes”!

The problem is, we’re all guys here at this blog. If you look at the choices over there, you can probably tell that a good part of whatever knowledge in there mostly comes from my viewing of Ouran (winner of last year’s comedy award) and Fruits Basket…and honestly, we’re not sure if we’re missing anything, as we were in even the fanboy poll. How did we miss “absolute territory”?

Which is why we’re asking for your help, fangirls, guys who like fangirl fetishes, and any of those-who-know-much-more-about-these-sorts-of-things-than-us! What things turn you on that aren’t on the list and deserve inclusion? Leave your feedback in the comments section below. We’ll probably include it if it seems to get a consensus of some kind.

Of course, if by some chance we have in fact covered the bases…then, well, maybe all you need to know about fujoushi fetishes really is contained in Ouran High School Host Club after all! Heh.

Author: gendomike

Michael lives in the Los Angeles area, and has been into anime since he saw Neon Genesis Evangelion in 1999. Some of his favorite shows include Full Metal Alchemist, Honey and Clover, and Welcome to the NHK!. Since 2003 he has gone to at least one anime convention every year. A public radio junkie, which naturally led to podcasting, he now holds a seminary degree and is looking to become Dr. Rev. Otaku Bible Man any day now. Michael can be reached at You can also find his Twitter account at @gendomike.

19 thoughts on “Fangirls: Please Educate Us Ignorant Fanboys!

  1. Why have a poll that’s probably half full of guys in disguise? Just go ask Auntie Ashley instead – if you dare –

  2. …what’s supposed to be the difference between loli-shota and naughty-shota? Both are shota. And short pants?

    From a fangirl’s perspective and using you Fanboy Fetish poll as reference, you forgot the cat-boys, megane-kun (on someone like Kyouya it’s seriusly hot), yaoi, shower-scenes, ice-block type bishie, white-haired bishonen, blood & fangs, GAR (yes, fetish – the mainstream are the seme/uke types)and those naughty naughty things that make a Maki Murakami doujinshi so delicious.

  3. Agreed, glasses on guys are hot.

    Also, to add to Anca’s list: vampires, guys in aprons/nurse outfits/etc. cosplay, I guess (because we can), kinky sex (S&M aka hard yaoi), bandages, the helpless moe kind, guys with swords, happy-go-lucky types, gentlemen (knightly, I guess princely, so maybe this is covered), housewife type.

  4. I like the onii-chan types. Best if they wear megane too ^^;; But of course, nothing compares to yuri… Oops, maybe I fit more in the girls-who-like-fanboy-fetishes demographic….

  5. yes, glasses are definitely hot. as well as guys with scars.. or without an eye (seishirou&subaru (x), hatori (fruits basket) and so on). and let’s not forget the charming-serial-killer type 😉

  6. Only fetish I could ever go for was oniichan (obvs, since I call my SO oniichan). Other than that, it’s ALL about the wimminz, NIGGAWUT.

  7. Definitely put up megane-kun as an option, as well as icy bishounen, sociopaths, and the hot-headed softie (think Kyo from Fruits Basket). I don’t see a need to divide the shouta category, and maybe it’s just me, but I always thought short pants just looked stupid ^^;;

  8. Wow, had no idea the megane-kun look was so popular. Suddenly I’m kind of happy that I could never handle contact lenses. ^o^

  9. Wow. The megane lovers really have come out in force, indeed. Makes me happy too! (The girl who owns the cafe I go to told me I should get new glasses…maybe I really should after all!)

    I’ll change the poll in a couple of days and take all the feedback into account. The main new categories will definitely have megane, gar, onii-chans, yaoi (combined into one), shouta (also combined), and vampires (I can’t believe I overlooked that; I remember hearing all the fangirls squeal when Hellsing Ultimate was announced at AX). Anything else that should go as a main category?

  10. Aww, Kyo from Fruits Basket is a male tsundere? Then I’m guilty of liking those types of characters as well.

  11. Ara very interesting…
    Heh at least it gave me an insight as to why so many anime guys in more girl oriented shows look princely and have glasses lol!
    And why no body likes Ogami in KnM lmao…
    I don’t know much since I rarely ever give anime dudes a second look XD!
    All I know about Fangirl Fetishes is that the Yaoi girls always egg and hate on my Yuri amvs ;_;
    Drives me nuts especially when they wear shirts that are all “Will Yuri for Yaoi!”
    So I’ve grown affraid of the Raging (pmsing) Yaoi Loser Fangirl.
    I stick with the Yuri girls. A lot calmer and a lot safer as well XD!

  12. er… I know I’m not a girl *giggles*, but how about JIGGLING CROTCH MOE?!! C’MON LADIES YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT!!! XD

  13. I got Burberry glasses and my mother told me it was a waste of time…Well, I certainly attract a lot of hot stare from ladies going down the street. XD

    Be sure to stick Yuri there and you may be surprised. 😉

  14. Yeah, I guess Kyo is kind of a male tsundere o.o;; You should probably keep the “prince” category, though, because I’d say that’s still a pretty popular one.

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