Damn it, yet another Standalone Niceboat complex…

From The Diet 3 Daily

October 19th, Yokohama, Kanazawa Prefecture, Japan. Just moments before, a teenager boy was arrested for his repeated harassment that led to his killing of a 24 year-old waitress at a maid cafe named “Nyo Cafe” in the port city.

The police found the waitress lying in a pool of red, wearing a standard maid uniform and a pair of glasses and with a badge that read: “Wecker Signa”. The boy was found standing next to her weeping, with a kitchen knife in hand.

In a statement, the boy confessed “she wouldn’t let me touch her, but she kept flirting with me and call me ‘my dearest master’, and so I tried to command her to get down on me, but she said that was ‘extracurrecular’ and it had to be done outside of the store with a large fee.

“I didn’t think she’d be such a bitch, so I showed her my knife, she started to scream, and I just lost it. Next thing I know, she was lying in a pool of red. I thought it was red ink. You know, School Days had black ink, so I thought this was a similar strategy the store used, except they used red ink.”

Psychiatrist Dr. Kato from the police’s special mental ward called this a “fantastical delusional psychosis.”

“The patient imagines the other person, often his perceived love interest, has become infinitely better than he is, and so at first he becomes enraged, and then he becomes furious and decides to lash out violently on the perceived love interest.”

Upon hearing the news, TV Kanazawa and several other stations have decided to cancel the showing of the episode 2 of the OVA Koharu Biyori, “out of consideration for the community in light of the [alleged] murder of a waitress.”

Our source indicates that some fans of the maid anime are preparing for a massive flaming war against these stations on 2ch and other Japanese BBS.

Author: Ray

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