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Review: Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan Review

Few years ago, when both Lupin the 3rd and Case Closed were airing on Adult Swim, someone over in the Cartoon Network offices had the brilliant idea to put both shows back to back in the program schedule.  Sheer genius.   This “Lupin and Conan Power Hour” as I had dubbed it, was my favorite hour of television each night.  I didn’t care if they were episodes I had already seen a few times before, each night my butt was rooted deeply into the couch, my eyes super-glued to the screen.  Two great things that went great together… like liquor and fireworks.   So when I heard the first Lupin TV special this year was going to be Lupin the 3rd Vs. Detective Conan, oh man was I stoked.   Now that I’ve seen it… well… it wasn’t bad. Continue reading Review: Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan Review

Myself; Yourself 2-3–Just One Shot…

Now that’s haunting

…can change your entire perception of the show. Higurashi played this trick, as did School Days. All it takes is one menacing moment to make you realize that not all is as it seems. That’s how much of a jolt that one moment in Myself; Yourself episode 3 was to me.

Continue reading Myself; Yourself 2-3–Just One Shot…

Damn it, yet another Standalone Niceboat complex…

From The Diet 3 Daily

October 19th, Yokohama, Kanazawa Prefecture, Japan. Just moments before, a teenager boy was arrested for his repeated harassment that led to his killing of a 24 year-old waitress at a maid cafe named “Nyo Cafe” in the port city.

The police found the waitress lying in a pool of red, wearing a standard maid uniform and a pair of glasses and with a badge that read: “Wecker Signa”. The boy was found standing next to her weeping, with a kitchen knife in hand.

In a statement, the boy confessed “she wouldn’t let me touch her, but she kept flirting with me and call me ‘my dearest master’, and so I tried to command her to get down on me, but she said that was ‘extracurrecular’ and it had to be done outside of the store with a large fee.

“I didn’t think she’d be such a bitch, so I showed her my knife, she started to scream, and I just lost it. Next thing I know, she was lying in a pool of red. I thought it was red ink. You know, School Days had black ink, so I thought this was a similar strategy the store used, except they used red ink.”

Psychiatrist Dr. Kato from the police’s special mental ward called this a “fantastical delusional psychosis.”

“The patient imagines the other person, often his perceived love interest, has become infinitely better than he is, and so at first he becomes enraged, and then he becomes furious and decides to lash out violently on the perceived love interest.”

Upon hearing the news, TV Kanazawa and several other stations have decided to cancel the showing of the episode 2 of the OVA Koharu Biyori, “out of consideration for the community in light of the [alleged] murder of a waitress.”

Our source indicates that some fans of the maid anime are preparing for a massive flaming war against these stations on 2ch and other Japanese BBS.

A celebration in front of AT-X quickly turned into a riot.

From The Diet 3 Daily

Sept 29, 2007. Immediately after the last episode of “School Days” was played, fans gathered in front of the station and celebrated the death of Makoto.

“Nice death.” A chubby man with glasses gushed, then he immediately corrected himself: “I mean, geez, this is more bloody than the game. But at least we got to see him die without having to buy another copy of the game.”

“Waa! Sekai sama!” Another chubby man with thick-rimmed glasses said with tears: “I loved you! I loved you! I still love you! Damn that psycho bitch for killing my Sekai-sama!”

Immediately, another chubby man with thick rimmed glasses approached him from behind and started beating him on the head with a paper fan. The two began to fight desperately.

“Kill them all, baby!” A woman with wearing a shirt that said in katakana: “Makoto must die” was frantically swinging a wooden kitchen knive wearing the uniform of the school that the females characters goes to. “I cried tears of relief when Sekai-san sliced and diced him like sashimi. Hmm…Delicious!”

Incredibly, she was attacked by some men and women wearing the shirt that says: “the Makoto-sama fan club” with foam bats, but she fought back valiantly with her wooden kitchen knive.

As far as our reporter had seen, no injuries had occured.

The station personnel seemed slightly startled but didn’t react. Nobody even picked up the phone and called the police.

“They’re just dumb otakus…I mean fans. These people can’t do any harm.” said an employee refused to be named. “Besides, it’s actually late and I’m going to the bar to drink with my friends. If the security guards aren’t going to do anything, then what do I care? These are just stupid people having nothing better to do.”

A female employee identified as “Sekai” said: “These people are probably drunk and they need to go home and sleep and don’t take a stupid anime seriously.” She paused, then added: “Japan is becoming more and more unsafe these days.”

Our reporter received no bodily harm.

Stabby stab FTW anyway.

From ANN

Last School Days Episode’s 1st Run to be on Satellite

The official Japanese sites for the School Days anime series and the AT-X anime satellite channel have announced that AT-X will run the 12th and last episode on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. JST and repeat next Tuesday morning at 12:30 a.m. Those will be the first public showings of this reportedly violent episode, since all over-the-air broadcasters preempted it after an axe murder was allegedly committed by a schoolgirl in Kyoto, Japan last week.

Overflow, the game label of the developer Stack and the creator of the original School Days game, has scheduled the two announced preview screenings of the episode in the Akihabara shopping district of Tokyo on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. (simultaneously with the AT-X premiere) and 10:35 p.m. The showings will be held in the Tokyo Anime Center’s Akiba 3D Theater on the Akihabara UDX building’s fourth floor. Overflow has also changed its admission requirements; attendees must bring an identification card as well as either the School Days or Summer Days PC game, but the game no longer has to be unopened as previously announced.

Ray’s take: It’s old news but hey, when it come to ratings and money, who give a fuck about morality? The competition heats up as the restriction is loosened up. As fans, you don’t have to give a shit about that, just remember to bring your chainsaws…(playing “Psycho” stabbing music over and over again and again…)

Axe-shaped bookmarks? These practically screams: “KILL! KILL!”

From ANN

2nd Axe-Slashing Incident Does Not Preempt Higurashi 

The 12th episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai murder mystery anime aired on TV Tama in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture, Sun TV in Hyogo Prefecture, and Chiba TV in Chiba Prefecture on early Tuesday morning, despite the episode’s earlier preempting on two other stations due to an axe murder case – and despite the news reports of a second axe murder attempt.

The Moon Phase anime information website reports on an apparent recall by Square Enix of ax-shaped bookmarks, which were to be distributed in bookstores to promote one of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni manga.

Ray’s take: uh…Axe shaped bookmarks. Nice. I’m looking forward to give these to my worse enemies as notices for slaughter gifts for a good laugh. For whatever reason the music from “Psycho” plays in my head when I read this news. Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’m going to start chewing on bird seeds…Now where’s that chef’s knife of mine? Mother? Oh God, Mother!