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I’ve Made My Anime Blog Award Nominations. Have YOU?

Well, maybe it’s not QUITE that prestigious

I guess I’m really late to this party–the whole thing started when I was still swamped with final papers–but I have at last made my nominations for the various categories in the Anime Blog Awards! I think the idea of the awards is a great idea, especially for lesser-known or read blogs. Now (if you are also a blogger) is your chance to put in the names of blogs you enjoy in several different categories, by April 22nd when nominations end and voting begins! Voting is open to all.

As a previous recipient of an award of sorts (and two), I would like to humbly suggest if you feel so moved to nominate this little establishment somewhere too. (Some of you have–my deepest thanks.) Anyways, that’s my part in the anime blogging community…though, come tomorrow, you might see what else I’ve been up to lately. Stay tuned. 🙂

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