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Ah! Come Sweet Pillow come!

From Weird Asia News

Japanese Men Give New Meaning to “Pillow Talk”

…Nisan (pictured above) is a balding, flacid, 37-year-old, never-married video gamer. He describes his 3-year relationship with “Nemu” – whom he’s driven hundreds of miles on trips to visit Kyoto, Osaka and Nara — as blissful but chaste.

He even prides himself on taking special care not to touch her private areas when he tucks her into bed at night.

“I’ve experienced so many amazing things with her,” he gushes. “She has really changed my life.”

Toru Taima, also never married, makes no claims of innocence. He sells X-rated body-pillow covers at gaming conventions – and his eyes light up like a LED screen when he readily concedes he engages in sex with some of the 150 pillow cover characters he owns.

“I am not doing anything to harm anybody,” he insists. “To me these are works of art. They’re cute girls that live in my imagination.”

Whatever their intentions, 2-D lovers flock from all over Japan to Tokyo’s Akihabara district every day to scour specialty shops and attend fan events in search of new character girlfriends to add to their collections….

…His message — that Japan’s economic bubble of the 1980s had killed the true value of romance, turning it into an elitist looks- and money-based commodity – caught on.

And so a subculture was born over the last half-decade or so.  Japan’s lonely heart gaming fanatics can now get their “piece” of action, but without fear of complication or rejection…

Ray’s Take: “There’s something wrong with the world today, something wrong with our lives…Living on the edge (you can’t help yourself…)” Is what I’d love to say…But the truth is, they’re (we’re?) out there. Maybe it’s chemical imbalance, maybe it’s mental imbalance. Who knows? But they’re out there. Sometimes, I take a look at my life and laugh.

N o  d e l i v e r e n c e.  J u s t  p a i n.

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