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Otakon 2013: Chiaki Ishikawa Interview

We had the privilege of privately interviewing singer Chiaki Ishikawa at Otakon 2013. FInd out more about her time with Yuki Kajiura in See Saw, how she writes lyrics, and more!

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Otakon 2013: Tomokazu Seki Fan Panel

I was supposed to attend Kit’s panel on Utena and Madoka after my Chiaki interview but Mori was too punk for Otakon so I made…

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Sea to Shining Sea: An East Coaster’s impression of Anime Expo 2013

As an East Coast member of Anime Diet, the largest anime convention I’d ever been to was Otakon 2012. That’s in the past tense, because…

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Animazement 2013: A Growing Family

Animazement 2013, a three-day convention held on Memorial Day weekend, has steadily grown the past few years it has been held. 8,855 attendees came to…

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Katsucon 2013: Cherry Tea Maid Cafe

Katsucon’s Maid Cafe, only accessible from the elevators near the first floor lobby, used the Gaylord National Harbor’s 18th floor nightclub as its venue. The…

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Hirano Aya Concert: Review

Our correspondent and professional photographer Shizuka reviews—and shoots—Hirano Aya’s Otakon concert. Contains excellent photos with a link to even more!

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