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AWA 2014: Junichi Suwabe Fan Panel Digest

Junichi Suwabe, the voice of Dandy from Space Dandy, was in Atlanta this weekend for Anime Weekend Atlanta. His panel was lively and entertaining, and he did many voices and said many funny lines. Sadly, no photography or video was allowed for press.

“Date a Live” Movie Announced & “Space Dandy Season 2” Commercial Released

On Friday, the official representatives of the Date a Live Twitter account announced that the popular Date a Live sci-fi series is currently in production for a theatrical release. Further details on its release and plot hasn’t been revealed at this time.


On a second note, Space Dandy‘s second season is just a few weeks away from it’s return to television–or space–come July 5th. In order to further hype and excite fans of the series, Bandai Visual has uploaded a full minute and a half commercial, along with a short fifteen-second commercial to promote the show.

Commentary & Discussion

Based on the commercials alone, the animation quality seems to have improved. As for what crazy adventures Dandy will get himself into this time, only time will tell. Are you excited for Dandy’s return, along with the Date a Live movie announcement? Let us know!

Space Dandy = Mind Candy

The first episode of what looks to be the leading candidate for the butt of all anime jokes in 2014 has hit the airwaves. The most recent episode is available from Funimation’s website, as well you can catch the series in the USA on Adult Swim’s Toonami line up.


Space Dandy is raunchy, colorful, comes with a discretionary label, has giant monsters, large explosions, and will probably be the bane of every woman sick and tired of female exploitation.


Enjoy, you etchi otaku.

First person to come up with a decent drinking game based on Space Dandy that can be played at after-hours during con season gets a googly eyed frog that you will totally appreciate once you lose enough brain cells from watching this show.

Green Ranger and Uncanny X-Men not included in offer.
Green Ranger and Uncanny X-Men not included in offer.

Warning: this series inspires absurdity.