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Sketchbook – Full Colors 04 – a little bit of wonderful


Do you also live in a bustling city? I sometimes pity us city dwellers.

The relaxed and nature filled feeling is just isn’t meant to be.

Yeah, the country side is boring. But the city is too busy and just plain annoying sometimes. But hey, we’re people, and that means no matter where we are, we’ll never be quite content. That’s possibly due the nature of humanity.

There really isn’t that much to say about this episode. There are more observations that Sora makes. Her team member for the sketch party, Kurihara, is very happy to be in the nature.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived in a city too long that I’ve forgotten how to take a deep breath and relax (well, with all that smog, who wants to take a deep breath).

If you remember, in summer sometimes it just doesn’t rain (I guess it depends on where you live/lived) , but sometimes it’s hot and humid but the rain just refuses to come down. That anticipation by all the living things are just unbearable…Until the rain finally comes down. All the stored up humidity and heat go away and it’s cool all of a sudden. Your dog dances in joy and the frogs sings in happiness alongside with the quacking of ducks.

It’s a wonderful feeling, and feelings about nature and observations is what this episode is about, so I’ll say,

76% recommended for your daily anime diet. It’s great to have a chill out anime, and even though this isn’t as funny as Azumanga Daioh, the simplicity and the easiness make this show a great choice for chilling out.

Sketchbook – Full Colors 02, 03 – chill out without drugs or booze…


It’s a great feeling able to chill out without drugs or booze and enjoy girls in yukata and geta/sandals, or do something completely different from routine and discover life’s little surprises along the way…

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Sketchbook episode 1 – Full Colors – Full of laughs?


Well, not quite. It’s a quieter version than a lot of “slice of life” shows/comedies (how many slices of life can one have? Har har har har). I’m not a big fan of piano music or classical music, but from I heard, the music is nice.

Mike will like this one. Makino Yui, the pianist turned seiyuu, acts and sings and plays the piano in this one.

Also, this one isn’t terribly exciting, but it sure is nice and calm. Adding some characters with interesting little quirks, especially when it comes to drawing, and well, we have another quiet little school comedy/possibly drama on our hands.

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