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J-Pop in London…

From Anime Corporation News

J-Pop Halloween Event in London

…Halloween-themed j-pop event will be held in London on October 20th at Cafe Manga, near the Westminster Brdige of County Hall…

Ray’s take: Well, I can just picture the amount of goth lolis that’s going to be there…I hope you don’t get choked to death by the fume of black make up and die in a pool of black ink if you do go! On the other hand, if you see an old Japanese dude wearing a t-shirt that says “Taro Aso FTW” and wearing a Golgo-13 hat and a Shinku tatoo, please give him our condolences for not being elected as the prime minister of Japan…

Ok, now we know Section 9 is definitely involved…

From The Diet 3 daily (formally known as believewhatyouhear.org ) –

Fukuda easily defeats Aso in party election

Sept. 25th, Tokyo 3. Yasuo Fukuda, who’s know for his moderate stance, won the leadership election of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party over nationalistic manga fan Tarō Asō on September 23. This means Fukuda has a good chance of becoming the next prime minister of Japan.

Although Asō was respected by anime fans worldwide and appreciated by Otaku in Japan for his statement: “Hey, I’m an Otaku, so I want everyone to fit in my world. Some may call that ‘Nationalistic’, I just call that ‘serve my desires or I’ll send Shinku to curse you before Golgo 13 takes your ass out. Get it? Oh hohohohohoho…” However, it seemed that some high ups in the government did not think his nationalistic stance sits well in today’s Japan, which unlike in the Tokugawa Shogunate era, has relationship ties with its neighboring countries.

Our sources discovered that he was forcefully removed at a nationalist rally by some members of Section 9 – Motoko K, Batou, and Togusa (we haven’t bee able to confirm the names of these people). Apparently his cyber brain was not hacked in, but he was taken some undisclosed location.

We have tried to contact Tarō Asō but he appears to be missing at the moment.

Having studied the patterns of Section 9, we are not entirely surprised at the outcome of the party election.