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Potemayo special 1 – size doesn’t matter.

Because it doesn’t make Potemayo less funny, in fact, it totally knocked me over onto the floor and laughing pissing my pants.

Well, at least she’s soft and warm, and maybe Sunao can “draw it out”, just like what’s implied abou Yasumi when he needs to get it out (or get off!).

We see a huge Potemayo; we see a huge Potemayo accidentally eats Sunao’s head; we see that Potemayo is a wholesome show that people of all age can enjoy.

Sunao sees his dead grandpa and discovers the truth about the universe.

Many said that life and other stuff flash before one’s eyes while he or she encounters death.

Don’t forget about the revolving lanterns…Death can be strangely near without Guchiko around.

What can I say? There’s just something funny about Potemayo…

Maybe it’s the comic timing, maybe it’s the sexual innuendos that runs rampant throughout the show, maybe it’s because at the end of the day, most of us who watch the show and love it actually secretly wish to have a little critter like Potemayo around, and go through life watch Guchiko and Potemayo fight using scythe and psudo-Karate kid style Kung Fu, and later, everyone’s happy, recovered, and laughing.

Simple laughs triggered by little critters (moe tribbles) are the best medicine to a complex and ever changing life with your (or my) share of assholes running around trying to ruin it all.

This special is 99% recommended for your daily anime diet, and a great buy – the entire series, that is. Now only if I can find the DVD release here in this country…).

Potemayo 8 – Pote-Pan and Tori-James and Love is a wonderful thing

“Once again, I watched an useless anime.”– Ryhubei (OK, that’s me). But heh, it’s funny, funny!


Even I cannot resist the power of running around little strange moe-tribbles getting into extra-ordinary situations – what I meant was something wacky.

Plot? What plot? What, don’t tell me you watched this for a plot!

Remember I talked about the “cons” (complexes like loli-con), well how about a recap and ones that I seem to have forgotten to write down:

Sunao-con: What Potemayo has toward Sunao (obvious)

loli-con: What Mudo has toward Potemayo (way too obvious, as Karou, the big dude that’s always hanging around Mudo thinks)

Mudo-con: What Karou has toward Mudo. He spews blood from his nose seeing Mudo’s ass and he can’t get enough of Mudo wearing a cheerleader uniform. “It’s disgusting, it’s disgusting, I know, but…” I think Karou’s dying to come out of the closet.

Ane-con: What Yasumi has toward Mikan. This time, he pokes her in her left breast.

Kyoko-con: What Guchiko has toward Kyoko. Guchiko can’t have a conversation more than 5 seconds with Kyoko before blushing and fainting.

Nana-con: What Nana’s brothers have toward her.

Really? Is that all? XD


In any case, in the first half or the first mini-episode in this one, Potemayo and tori go on a shopping trip, much like what Chi is told to do in Chobits, but since there are two, I thought about that animal show that was wildly popular in Japan and in Taiwan – Pan and James. In short, Pan is a Chimpanzee and James is a boxer dog, and their trainer, Miyazawa-san asks them to go complete different tasks ranging from shopping to catching beetles to birth cake delivery. But these two are never left alone. In fact, Miyazawa-san always secretly follows these guys and worry and look after them. If the mission is too hard for them, sometimes Miyazawa would interfere. But that doesn’t happen very often.

One line of these CCM songs goes: “God is watching us from a distance. But he’s never too far away.” That one’s just for a reference.

In Potemayo, there obviously are no deities, except “Death”. But death is a funny little tribble just like Potemayo. And death has a Kyoko-con!

Instead of saying, “pantsu, pantsu,” we have “honi, honi”. But oh wait, it ain’t gonna be that easy. And Moriyama trusts the little critters enough to let them be on their own.

Guchiko of course comes out of nowhere and stomps Potemayo on the head on her way of escaping from someone chasing her.

Potemayo joins the chase, and as I often like to say, chaos ensues. In this case, chaos destroys the efforts that what I call the “Seinfeldish Three” try to do. Fun and games and good times.


Of course everything ends OK and Potemayo successfully shows her affection toward Sunao. Good times, good times.

More good times happen in next episode when Mudo starts to discover that he has feelings toward Nana, the woman with words that bites, or in Taiwanese terms, “poisoned tongue.”

Of course when he tries to show affection toward Nana, both he and Karou lose something, and she’s happy as a clam.

Guchiko goes on a rampage to defend Kyoko’s honor, but she cannot defeat Nana, “the Flowing Wind”.

And Oh My God! They killed Mudo! And a lot of other guys! You bastards!

Good times, good times. Yeah, it’s fun. Very fun. Good times, good times. Not to mention all the slight sexual innuendo stuff going on, and Nana tells Mudo what Karou thinks about going to death with him. Good times.

Well, it won’t be so bad if Death were Guchiko.


72% recommended for your daily anime diet. 88% recommended for a dessert after a serious meal like say, Claymore.

Potemayo – a cool dad most Japanese boy would kill to have and gay cheerleaders on parade.


HAHAHAHA!Sunao has a dad who’s childish, funny, and not like that sorry-ass dead seriousness that most Asian fathers have (I’m Asian-American, btw). He’s more like an American dad in many ways. He tries to play with our Boy Serious when he comes back; he gets silly souvenirs like the dead bull’s face as a mask (did he go to El Cazador’s world? Just kidding), he pretend to act just like Potemayo and shakes his ass (ugh. But I found it funny anyways), and he always tries to get his up tight-ass son to relax, even if his son kicks his ass a little (or a lot). Cool dad!


Another fun thing or gross thing is that Mudo and all these men dress up in cheerleader uniforms and skanking instead of in the traditional Japanese macho men for parade costumes. Mudo’s big friend is totally filming all these and checking him out…friggin’ gay as hell but funny. The big friend says: “Mutan (instead of Mudo), you’re shining. You’re shining brightly, Mutan!” He says this among the midst of horrified crowd. Then he says: “Mutan, I think I really do…(wanna make sweet love to you like what they do in a yaoi manga?)” What’s even funnier is that afterwards, Mikan and Kyo just get so traumatized that they can’t move a muscle. Then the four starts to walk and Kyo says: “That was something I wouldn’t see in my dreams…” Wet dreams? I guess not because Kyo is not a yaoi fan girl. Ooooh…

Then Potemayo gets into trouble for not realizing what’s what. She gets taken by some girl by force and Sunao just says with his super dead pan face: “oh…”

Dude, that yellow bird is scary as hell…Oh, and don’t forget the water yoyo that Potemayo got as a price kicking her ass…

what can I say? Turn your brain off when watching this show with some liquor or beer, or around 3 AM, and chances are, you’ll laugh.


69% recommended for your daily anime diet. especially for people who kind of understand or realizes the Japanese mindset. After getting this outta way, now I can give that good review when episode 21 of Claymore finally comes out…

Potemayo 6 – funny, funny but not much to review.

Ane to…BOIN!!!!skirt.jpg

After 6 episodes of mostly good timing physical humor, the best of which often makes me cackle out aloud, and the not great ones being at least cute and amusing, I’ve finally resorted to setting down and turn off my brain when watching this show.

In recent days, I’ve discovered that a good show lends itself to good reviews. Such is the case of Claymore. But then I have a problem – all of the sudden I don’t find any other shows good to review. When I review El Cazador I mostly flame it. It’s got a couple of pretty decent eps but mostly I just shook my head in disappointment. In any case, let’s just sit back and take a look at Potemayo 6.


Just about every show of affection in this show gets turned into some kind of Love-love mode. If one person really likes another person it seems that this show never considers that they could “just be friends”, or “siblings.”

Let’s count the “cons” – no, not the anime conventions or conventional plot devices – I’m talking about the “loli-con”, “shota-con” type of”cons”. Here we go, starting with the most recent “con” discovery:


Ane-con – Yasumi for Mikan. He’s like turned on when he sees his older sister wearing a short skirt, a cute apron and a funny cap for preventing hairs falling into food when cooking – but he can’t admit to himself and just enjoy the view (thank God!) so he palms his sister’s head like a basketball.

Mudo-con – Yep, made that name up. This one refers to when a taller, unpopular, big budda-look dude having a thing for his smaller buddy. I used to think he just cares for his small friend’s bad luck and misfortunes, but after he spew blood from his nose after seeing his friend’s naked ass (yeeeewwwww!) it all of the sudden just dawned on me.


And here are the older ones:

loli-con – Mudo wants Potemayo bad he could almost taste it. I can’t remember but somehow that’s why he became a slave to Nana.

Meganekun-con – Mikan loves Sunao, who’s the glasses guy, but she’s deep enough to like him without the glasses.

Speaking of glasses, Sunao makes an extraordinary discovery while looking for something vital to his success in daily living in the wrong place, and that makes Yasumi feels mighty good and Mikan cry like a baby.

I like the physical timing of this show, it’s well placed and it’s funny. But there isn’t anything for me to analyze. It’s definitely a good show to watch after a long, hard day of work or when you simply need a simple laugh without thinking too much.

However, there was one very important thing that I was looking for in this episode, which made it crucial to my enjoyment of this show as a complex and meaningful whole…

OH MY GOD! THEY DIDN’T KILL MUDO! You bastards…oh wait….

Well, that running gag got tiring in South Park. I realize that the gags here don’t get over used often and I think that’s good. So I’ll say =>


75% recommended for your daily anime diet for what this episode and show is meant to be – just a light snack with the right ingredient mix. I’d give it 83% as a more personal biased opinion, because I can almost always laugh when I see this show, but I don’t seem to remember much about what happened in it afterwards.

P.S. Gu…gu…Guchiko beeeaaaamu is funny!

P.S. 2 Nana’s brothers are hilarious! Check them out!

Potemayo 5 – attack of the killer butterflies, the Death, and an angry younger brother…

Or rather, scratch the last one. Since Moriyama Sunao has the shield that we know as Potemayo.


I’m beginning to understand some of the charms of 4koma – light hearted, down to earth, amusing, funny but not necessarily makes one burst out laughing, or saying to himself: “siiiiiiiiiiiiiick…”

In this ep, we have the 3 classmates of Sunao and Mikan playing the role of the Lucky Star 4/Seinfeld 4 – talking/musing about nothing.

To me, who simply never went through Japanese school life, it didn’t sound remotely amusing at all.

With Lucky Star and it’s Otaku driven humor, Konata is funny, and the rest of the gang plays off her. With Azumanga Daioh, everyone contributes and plays as a team of comedians. Here, the 3 girls do silly things like refusing to push the buzzer/ring on the bus, which means they didn’t get off the bus until they were in the middle of almost nowhere. Then after sometime, they talk about what to say when taking a picture to make the people smile (don’t people say “ni” in addition to “Cheese” in Japan?). Fortunately the show isn’t driven by them.


Being the type of guy that prefers laughing out a loud humor/slapstick humor, I’m not so sure if I find what Guchiko does in the ep as funny. I do find it amusing and cute, especially when her two “expression amplifiers” – these two cylindrical creatures that sometimes express feelings like hers, sometimes express feelings for her, and sometimes express their own feelings – help making her looking even cuter.

We also find out that Guchiko is a tsundere, and she has a thing for Kyoko but is in obvious denial. Unlike Potemayo who wets herself when emotionally stimulated by Sunao, Guchiko faints. She practically denies her feelings for Kyoko.

Now only if we have that forbidden playpen…I mean garden for shojo…OK, that’s stupid and gross. But in any case, I think Guchiko is funny when she laser beams somebody, or kills Mudo, or cuts things in half and then fixes it. But I find her funny power goes way below my radar when she the main feature.


In this ep, we’re finally introduced to someone with a rather different set of characteristics. Instead of goodie-two-shoes guys, we get a surly guy – Mikan’s younger brother – who has the ability to palm his sister’s head like a basketball. He’s your usual overprotective brother who had the unfortunate fate of having a superstitious sister who believes that writing the name of Sunao in margic markers(!) on his boxers will get she and Sunao together. If this were to happen to me, I’d get pissed as well. In fact, I’d consider kicking Sunao’s ass.

A humor device used here is the sailor uniform for boys – Yasumi in what I consider as a drag – I mean it’s sailor uniform for high schoolers for crying out a loud! In any event, Yasumi shows up and now we have another character in the way of Mikan’s quest of getting together with Sunao. Curses, foiled again.

We can see that this anime is light hearted because Yasumi makes no attempt to physically confront Sunao at all. He only talks surly to him. I don’t necessarily find it convincing that Yasumi actually makes no attempt to kick Sunao’s ass, but I’m not absolutely unconvinced either. Sunao describes that Yasumi as a nice guy. Well, I think all the characters in this show turn nicer when they see Potemayo. This anime is light-hearted because the conflicts are light and doesn’t weight much on anyone’s mind. I suspect in real life, people who talk like Sunao, who I think is having a personality one step away from the best of Ikari Shinji, will probably get picked on and get their asses kicked by people like Yasumi (see high schools in US and in recent years, high schools in Japan). I say that nice has nothing to do with it. It’s the power of Potemayo, and the nature of this 4koma-turned-anime.


As for the rest of the characters, they were their usual selfs and I didn’t find Kyoko’s mother funny at all.

If you’ve been following our site you may have noticed that I didn’t put a daily recommended % of your anime diet for this show. The reason is simple, despite liking this show and a lot of its elements, I have a difficult determining exactly what it is. I’d give a 65% recommendation for a light watch when bored and looking for a quick laugh. I’m not saying this is a bad anime, but I’m saying that neither good nor bad necessarily applies to this one – it’s an acquired taste.


Potemayo – Horny Horny…I mean Honey Honey and Oh my God! They killed Mudo! You bastards!

Nice death, Mudo. I can’t wait to see how many time he’s going to die.

What? Oh don’t react so strongly at the above sentence, or the phrase, “nice death”. He comes back up and horny about Potemayo-chan again doesn’t he? It’s an anime, and this is a post about anime, don’t take it so seriously.

I like the humor in this anime precisely because it never takes itself seriously. There’s no uber-intelligent humor that’s aimed snobbishly at high brow intellectuals who read only Shakespeare, the classics, the Bible, theological texts (no, I’m NOT talking about you, Mike), the philosophical text books, and well, add your custom-tailored categories for people you know.

You know who I’m talking about. People who thought Beavis and Butthead were just plain stupid even in its early days. When you said that was funny they would just look at you like you’re a f*beep*king retard that pick your nose all day and get Z’s for grades if it were possible to get Z’s. They only laugh at jokes that would take at least 10 minutes for the average human being to figure each out; they only laugh at jokes that refers to something in the King’s history in Great Britain or other types (again, add your own custom tailored categories).

Gee, it’s not like the rest of us DON’T use our brains enough when working on this shitty, boring and stupid planet, you know (go ahead and defend this plant verbally, you Sailor Soldiers or whichever giant robot that you imagine you’re piloting or whichever versions of the anime superhero you think you’re…Hahahaha, I’m the Ma-oh [Demon King] of Cynicism!). Ah hum. Anyway, on to my thoughts on Potemayo.

We have two moe tribbles that come out of our hero’s fridge. One is the cat-eared potemayo who wets herself being with our hero, the other one is Death…I mean Guchiko who shoots out Mikuru beamu…I mean death ray out of both her eyes, and also her head is adorn with two…cylindrical creatures that emotes like her.

My tone sounds like I hate these two, but I really don’t. It’s difficult to hate a little baby-like moe thing with cat ears that’s just so darned cute when it says “horny horny”, and gets so content and even wets herself when our hero picks it up…Wait, sorry, sarcasm again. I meant “Honey honey.” The darned thing is so cute that I can understand why Mudo, our hero’s classmate just want to have her. I haven’t seen ep 5 yet, but I loved the Valentine part back in ep.4 where Mudo imagines that he gives chocolate to Potemayo, and then…


4-mudo-down.jpg “Oh MY GOD! They killed Kenny! Oh wait…”

In any case, that’s something that never grows old on me. Slapstick/physical/death humor that’s not serious and hyper super-duper-uber-supremely-utterly-academically intelligent. This was part of what anime used to be about – entertaining people. Sure it can get ridiculous, but hey, with the world we live in, I would think this kind of laugh out a loud humor that people forget right after watching is definitely needed. OK, I’ll stop preaching right this minute.

Guchiko is also a funny moe tribble, but unlike Potemayo who’s just carefree and relatively easy going, Guchiko is uptight. So uptight that when she first made her entrance, after slicing the door of the fridge open with her scythe (like I said, she’s Death! That’s what I meant when I said :”Nice (looking) Death!” Yeah…that’s it…), she uses a duct tape that she found somewhere to tape the two piece back together, and then she slices the front door in half, and then she tapes that back together, and then later, she does the same thing with a truffle.


death-tapes-the-chocolate-back-together.jpg I’m so sorry, chocolate.

Isn’t she cute? Here’s another character that I just can’t feel cynical about (oh no! I’m powerless against moe tribbles! The Ma-oh of Cynicism has been defeated!) .

If the show only has moe-tribbles it wouldn’t be that interesting. Classic slapstick humors like The Three Stooges are funny because the gang of funny folks act as a team. Shows with only moe as the selling point aren’t fun at all.

We have our hero, Moriyama with the deadpan, unimpressed-face humor. We have his admirer (why would a wuz factor like him has any admirers), Mikan. Then we have Mudo and his big friend. Oh and don’t forget the bird (not the one that you’re probably very much want to give to me, but really, that little rounded yellow bird). I’m skipping the rest of the people because they’re not that funny for me. But they do have their moments.

So anyway, let’s come back to Mudo. Let’s just count the times he gets killed (takes a deep breath):





Potemayo 1 – The Trouble with Moe Tribbles

Captain Kirk never had it so bad.

Whoever thought of the concept of this show must have been a Star Trek fan, because if anything, that is exactly what Potemayo and Guchuko (Scythe-Tribble with Duct Tape) are–Tribbles with faces. It’s like an unholy marriage between the Tribble and Di Gi Charat, as the show’s humor seems to be in the same kind of random vein.

I really like how they don’t even bother explaining where or why both Potemayo and Guchuko appear in the fridge one day. They’re just there. I guess if there’s something that cute you don’t question its origins, even if it’s really because you left that food to rot for months and it came alive. Especially old croquettes. At least they only turn into moe blobs with possessive complexes. I can’t imagine what rotting hamburger patties or spoiled milk might turn into!

Can you hear my jealousy now?

This show’s humor is decidedly of the 4-koma variety, in which each segment is only 10 minutes and consists of a string of gags. I think I like the “love-dar,” the earring beams, and the way Potemayo reacts like a rabid puppy to anyone–especially poor Mikan–who challenges her absolute supremacy over her “master.” The pet-like nature is reinforced by the fact that neither Potemayo and Guchuko speak.

But what’s with even the boys wearing sailor suits? Is that just supposed to be funny or are there actually schools where that is the case? The sailor uniform, after all, used to be menswear, military garb in fact. It was Japan that turned the sailor suit into a focus for all our schoolgirl fetishes–are they giving it back now, or finally deciding to be egalitarian and show us what cross-players look like in animated form?

At least it’s not Man-Faye.

70% recommended for your anime diet, depending on your tastes. Subtract 20% if you don’t like random disconnected humor, add 10% if you liked Di Gi Charat. Add 40% if you are a moe fanboy–Potemayo is it in distilled form.