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Alone Again, Moetically…

Alone again, moetically…

Que saudade! Que lastima! Nakata Sae‘s arc is over. 4 episodes is just too short…won’t be able to see her anymore. Don’t know what to do… How can I live without her? A flower in this barren 3-D world. Hannah’s hope amid nuclear destruction of Nagasaki.

Sae-chan’s character song, “Anata shika mienai (You’re the only one I can see).” Yes, love is blind. She can only see her loved one she wants to run away and elope. The sweet tune of bossa nova. The central philosophy of bossa is saudade. Ah, I listen to her song every night, so I can sleep moetically.

Ah, how nostalgic. How sensible. How romantic. Bossa nova totally fits her! Softness, the embodiment of sensible femininity. Her whisper voice! I love girl’s whispering. The cutest yet most sensual of all. No girl has romantically whispered in my ear… That’s why it’s the most appealing vocal style to me. Kahimi Karie’s song for Chibi Maruko-chan‘s OP was just awesome! Ahh, so cute!  Oh, and this song from Welcome to N.H.K. It’s just…made me think about converting to Jehovah Witness at one point, so I could meet Misaki-chan. Ahhhhhh!

Evangelion’s ED, the first song of bossa nova I’ve ever heard in my life. It was simply shocking. I didn’t know this kind of beautiful music existed in the world of terror. The upside down Ayanami Rei’s silhouette rotating above the lunar reflection on the sea. A girl walking on the water! What an impressionistic scene… It was a premonition. It was a sign. It was a miracle. Providence to run away from the reality (3-D) to the new frontier. From the land of the oppressed to the land of free. The land of individuation. Fly me away from society that reproached me.

"Thank you, oniichan."

And now again, I really wanna run away. America once again proved to be 3-D, the recent failure of DADT repeal tells itself. Change won’t happen. And girls are still the same, only going out with macho men, not sensitive otakus like me. Most of the time what I’ve been hearing is “I already got boyfriend,” a couple times “I’m married,” and a very few times “Get lost, nerd!” Everywhere I go, I am told to get lost. In Japan, “Get lost, kimo-ota!” And here, especially a place like Arizona, “Get lost, gaijin!” So, 2-D is the only place I can feel safe and accepted, where girls won’t reject me, especially Sae-chan. She’s the only girl who asks me if I have a girlfriend, making me obento, and even calling me oniichan (older brother)! Moe~!

"R..really!?" Sae-chan is the only girl expresses excitement when I answer I don' t have a girlfriend.

But the fact that Sae-chan’s gone got me really bad. I don’t know if I can continue to watch Amagami SS without her.

So, here I’m all alone, sitting in the corner, eating cup-ramen, watching Amagami, and when I kiss this 2-D girl, her lips don’t taste sweet, but taste of Liquid Crystal, i.e., LCD. It’s moechedelic (萌え気デリック). Love moechedelico. Moechedelia. Lucy in the Computer with Diamonds~♪

So, Alone Again, Naturally. Once used for Maison Ikkoku‘s OP. Yes, a loser hero, Godai-kun.

But for an otaku like me,

Alone Again, Moetically

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