He’s da man!

From ANN

Law Journal Article Supports Fansubs (updated)

…issue of the Boston University Law Review journal has come out in support of some cases of distribution of fansub versions of anime licensed for commercial release in America…written by law school student Joshua Daniels,…

Ray’s take: Mr. Daniels, I want to shake your hand and I’d love to get a group of anime watchers together and have a drink with you at a college bar. You’re da man!

OF COURSE I read the article. What matters is that somebody actually stood up and said something! Banzai!

One thought on “He’s da man!”

  1. Well, there is a catch with the law article he writes. If you read what it says, the law student is talking about anime series that have heavily edited for America. And he says that if that is the only source that people have then it’s ok to fansub it to get an unedited version. He is a bit behind the times because they don’t really don’t do that much anymore.

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