Anime Diet @ New York Anime Festival!

We're going places!
We're going places!

Through a very convenient confluence of events–namely the time which I usually go home to visit my folks–I (Mike: yes, me, not a surrogate) will be attending the New York Anime Festival this year! I am also the holder of a VIP Rie Tanaka ticket, which means I’ll be getting a signing from her–as well as the right to skip most lines.

Like every other con I’ve attended, it’s getting the full treatment: liveblogs, video journals (in HD this time!–thanks to my cameraman), and photos. This also gives me the chance to attend Hinano, JPMeyer and DS’s blogger panel, something I never expected to be able to go to. Having met CalAggie and IcyStorm this year at our panel at AX, it’ll be great to put more faces to the names of my esteemed colleagues in anime blogging.

So that’s the plan for next week. Anyone else other than the panelists going? We can all have a big powwow there…

5 thoughts on “Anime Diet @ New York Anime Festival!”

  1. @omo: see you there indeed!

    @Hinano: by live do you want real time, like as it happens, or footage I record and then pass on to you? I’ve never done the former before. In either case though, I’ve got a filmmaker friend/director who’s coming to do the filming with a very nice camera…so yes I can definitely try to arrange something!

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