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Contest #1: We Have a Winner!

Well, our first ever contest–create your own School Days-inspired “demotivational” poster–has ended. Thanks to all of you who submitted entries. After looking them over, we’ve decided on a winner: Owen of Cruel Angel Theses, come on down! Here is his winning entry, and it’s (as another blogger on this site would say) siiiiick:

Owen’s winning entry.

Is it bloody and sadistic? Yes. Did it make me squirm uncomfortably and wonder about the morality of the person who made it up as much as it made me laugh and question my own morality for enjoying it? Yes. Just like the show’s final episode did: it fits the spirit of School Days perfectly. All while poking fun and pointing out its very sadism…this puts things in perspective to say the least!

Congratulations and thanks Owen! You will be receiving your prize soon. Stay tuned for another contest coming soon!

Speaking of Contests…

(Yeah like that was the conversation before…) But seriously, we do have a contest. Just in case you don’t know yet. It doesn’t even involve much effort on your part. Just go to, upload a screen cap from “School Days”, add some texts to make a demotivational poster, and viola! You have a chance to win our fabulous full-resolution DVD version of the Anime Diet Anime Expo 2007 video diary! Simple, eh?

Click for details.

No, we’re not a big site, but yes, we sure love the interaction. Anyway, there won’t be any more reminders probably until a few hours before the contest ends. So take your chance!

We’ll be doing more contests in the future. We would love to see how good our audience is with anime related stuff. So stay tuned!

Contest #1: Send Us Your Best “School Days” Demotivational Poster!

Here’s an example.

Starting today, we’re kicking off a monthly contest feature here at Anime Diet! We want to see your talents and your humor, dear readers. And to entice you, we’ve got a whole slew of different small prizes we can give out, and we’re in the process of building more of our prize pool. This one is simple: using only an unmodified screencap from any episode of School Days, create a “Demotivational Poster” with a witty title and caption. You can use the Despair, Inc.’s poster generator here to do it. Send your entry to, or post a link to your entry in the comments section, for a chance to win a full-resolution DVD version of the Anime Diet Anime Expo 2007 video diary!

The deadline for submission is the same worldwide, and since I’m an egotistical self-centered American, it’s timed to be most convenient for me! It’s one week from now, basically.

  • Saturday, Oct 6, 9:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Sunday, Oct 7, 9:30 AM Taiwan/Singapore Time
  • Sunday, Oct 7, 04:30 GMT (sorry UK readers; consider it due on Saturday night for you!)

Detailed Rules:

  • Send entries by email to, or post a link to the pic in the comments section of this post.
  • One entry per person, please.
  • Please keep the entry at “R” rated standard. We reserve the right to disqualify entries for being overly offensive. (Yes, we know, given this show…but still.)
  • The screencap should be unmodified (ie, no Photoshopping or adding or splicing).
  • The DVD will be mailed to the winner. Any location is fine; we will cover the cost.
  • We are looking for funny. The winner will be the one that makes us laugh the hardest.

With that…demotivate us away! We look forward to seeing your entries.