Claymore Petition – An Open Letter to Madhouse

Update: Madhouse doesn’t seem to give a damn and caved in for Marvel’s (MY GOD, Marvel?) junk hollywood property, Iron Man! Blasphermous! Let’s email bomb Madhouse at ! Show them that we, the fans around the world, actually matters!

Madhouse Home Page

A few weeks ago, I sent an email to Madhouse, asking them to check out the petition and thanking them for their efforts. I will disclose the email here (forgive my terrible Japanese, please). The email is to Director Mr. Tanaka and Character Designer Mr. Umehara:

拝啓:田中洋之殿と梅原隆弘殿 Dear Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Umehara – クラモア



Dear Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Umehara
My Japanese is really bad but I think this is important. I hope you
will have some time to see it. Maybe there isn’t anything you can do,
but please appreciate our feelings. Thank you very much!

Claymore Season 2 petition
(I’m sorry I used Babel fish translation softo)

Thank you very much for all your hard work,
Ray of Anime Diet

Everyone, I encourage you to write something in your own language to Madhouse, to Jump Magazine (I couldn’t find their email address) and whoever else you think is important in this matter. No matter what happens, let’s show them our devotion! Post your email in “Leave Your Reply” section below for the world to see and remember!

Crimzon Clover demo

YOTSUBANE, makers of danmaku game Crimzon Clover, offer a web demo.  The demo was previously released at Comiket 77, and an earlier version was released at Comiket 76.

The older version.

Japanese gamer NGD reviewed an earlier version, suggesting that parts were loud, flashy, or outright ugly, especially during BREAK mode, but admitting that overall it was “surprisingly good” despite these shortcomings.

European reception to the present version seems to be centered on its high production values and difficulty.  Comparisons to Do-Don Pachi Daifukkatsu and Ketsui have been made.

BREAK mode.

As a demo, the game contains only three stages and an incomplete third boss fight.

Ladies VS Butlers 4 – FUNdamental Otaku Goodness

You know, it’s been such a long time to see pure fan service goodness without elements such as twisted plots, lame attempts for innovation, flashing pictures showing scenes at awkward angles (no I’m not talking about Eva) or any orchestral music reaching way too high (not even up a skirt) in attempts to achieve a sense of “better service show with a heart”. Maybe there were some other shows like such in the past few seasons, but few do everything so well and so successfully as this one.

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Bridging The Gap: Why Lucky Star Wasn’t In My Top Ten

Okay, I realize that despite all of the kind words & love shared about on these pages pertaining to the origin of our excellent mascot, that it perhaps requires explanation. To be completely honest, a lot of this screed comes from where we as lovers of such a medium come to get our regular fix. Whether it be within the confines of a local video outlet, or from the comfort of our own homes. Whether we enjoy harem shows, or straight slice-of-life dramas. The fact of the matter remains that Lucky Star never had a chance in a Top Ten of my composition.

And so comes the requisite “Whys” that this recent icon has slipped the grasp of this potentially perplexed writer.

So fess up. Did you just not enjoy Lucky Star? What the what?

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Aika Zero: Yielding to Victory

Stop it before it penetrates the sky!

What defines Aika Zero? The fact that it deliberately imitates fetish porn? The fact that the overarching target for the first story arc is a giant phallus, which must be destroyed before it succeeds in emptying its fiery load? The fact that the show goes further than the original Aika, blurring the line between titillation and parody of pornographic content?

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Lucky Star brings 10 Billion Yen In Revenue for Washimiya Town

Our correspondent Kona-chan (tukasakagami) just informed us that thanks to Lucky Star and its usage of the shrine at the Town of Washimyiya, Saitama, they have gained 10 billion yen in total thanks to the Lucky Star Phenomenon.

We all know that Otaku from all over Japan travels to the shrine thanks to the success of the anime. The highest number of visitors reached 450,000.

Knowing that aside from the New Years Pilgrimage, usually people don’t really care to go to shrines in Japan. But thanks to Lucky Star, the amount of visitors going to the shrine has been amazing.

A certain Mr. Sakata sold sweet buns to the visitors.

Cards of the Hiiragi sisters were sold for great success.

The number of people increased 50000 to 1400000 in ’08.

Just goes to show the power of anime, eh?

For rest of the facts and stats, see Manichi JP.

More Haruhi Event Pics, Video + A Few Last Words

You’ve probably seen my report, but we also said that we wanted to offer some pics and footage from others at the Anime Galaxy Haruhi event–and lo and behold, we got some! Thanks to Minh Phan for the photos in the gallery above (his original Flickr gallery is here).

The experience was surprisingly brief, but intense. Anime Galaxy is a relatively enclosed space compared to a convention hall, and the number of fans gathered on a smaller scale–though by the near-end of the event it had gotten quite full. The TV crew took up quite a bit of room for one, and there was a coterie of sign-wielders with such fan-friendly slogans as YUKI IS A SLUT and ENDLESS EIGHT SHOULD BE ENDLESS. (You can see them in the middle of my live report, when I interview them.)

Our first experiment with live streaming reporting was a great learning experience. I found that the most difficult thing about it, aside from the various sound problems and the shakiness of the video (exacerbated by the staggered quality of the stream), was the dead time–the filling in of space when there were no interviews, nothing much going on. In our usual video diaries, those would of course be edited out, but there is no editing in a live stream–I had to figure out sometimes things to say in between or simply let it run. It’s a style of reporting that I still need to become accustomed to.

Still, I’m glad we were able to get much of the event down on record of some sort, and give a glimpse of what is possible with a humble iPhone and an Internet connection. This was a worthy first try. If you want some clearer video, Kuronekopi also took some footage of a couple of interviews–including one with the “Man-Haruhi” dressed in the bunny girl outfit. He also caught the interview with the two lovely Mikuru and Haruhi concert cosplayers that happened after I shut off my video. See if you can catch me in the background of the Man-Haruhi interview video!

Tsundere Banana – Real Life Public Rape

In case you didn’t know this already, a 15 year-old-guy, a high school freshmen, (allegedly) publiclly raped a 26-year-old woman in broad daylight in Toledo, Ohio, last week (no, it’s not quite current news).

Courtesy of CNN

I just feel that I have to say something, particularly because I enjoyed Detroit Metal City Anime and its antics. But this is…Just wrong, man.

Article by Toledo Blade

Article by the Associated Press via The San Diego Union-Tribune, LLC

Mary Mitchell’s column on Chicago Sun-Time page

Ray’s Top Ten List from the Last Decade

Disclaimer: I never liked making a top 10 list because I watch shows from a varieties of genres and I believe that comparing them on the same level playing field is vastly unjustified. But as a tradition, I made mine. Merits? What merits?

Without any fancy blogwork or word wizardry, here’s my top ten for the last decade.

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Tsundere Banana 7 – the Lover of Anime

What it is: a podcast/audio column

Length: around 10 minutes. Less than 10:30.

Host: Ray from Taipei.

Frequency: Mondays at 10 PM (well, you get two this week, neither of which is posted on Monday)

What it’s about –

1. looking into my so-called Otaku life.

2. Thoughts and opinions on my observations for many things, mostly anime and culture.

3. Inner workings, ideas and others behind the scenes at Anime Diet (

Comment: It’s upclose (perhaps too much for comfort), personal (I got good hygenes) and raw. It’s Ray unplugged.

This episode: Ray is somewhat drunk and he proceeds to discuss one of the reasons he started watching anime, his reluctance to let the ippanjin into the circle and his desire to make people on the Anime Diet Staff into managers and his business philosophy. Sorry if this doesn’t seem anime related much! After all, Uncle Ray is a little emotional!

Oh and all his thoughts started from his newly acquired WWII era Japanese relic sword that worthed little because it was probably forged by a bunch of nobodies. Ray is weird, eh?

The picture is from Hataraki Man, with Rierie as the main character. Image from here.