Goodbye, 2009 and the 00’s.

I’ve already passed to the other side, but for some our western audience that haven’t, here’s to a better next year and let’s forget about the 00’s – at least for me, it was a shitty decade with too much turmoil.

But Anine Diet also started in this decade! As well as many good things, so here’s to a better 2010 and a even better decade for Anime Diet!

With that, I bid you good night. Have a nice rest of 2009 and if you have already passed to the other side, have a great first day in 2010! I will (or die trying)!

Below are some good reading looking back at the 00’s:

NyanNyan’s Year 2009 Review, Kurogane’s Year 2009 review pt.1, pt.2, AC’s Top 20 Anime of the Decade.

Tsundere Banana End of 2009 Special

Only a few minutes before 2010 rolls around on the East Coast and a few hours before Midwest and a few more for West Coast! If you are not spending time with anyone or not many people and still have a little bit ear time, this episode is for you!

It’s 10:55 in length so it’s rather long. You’ve been warned!

This Episode: Ray talks about Canaan’s plots, Gundam 00 and the real thing to focus on for men for that show, Scientific Railgun (great animation with the rain scene) and Kimi no Todoke. Ray is being his clumsy, fast-talking self, of course.

(Just recorded this 1 hour 20 minutes ago…Busy, busy…)

HAPPY 2010 from Anime Diet to YOU!

Suguru’s look back at 2009

Bubblegum Crisis Live OP

All right, teen people and the younger and older folks, here’s one thing that Uncle Ray really likes only because he lived through the 80’s. Behold, it’s Bubblegum Crisis OP live!

Shit, I didn’t even know about this show in 1988 as a kid, and yet, years later, when I picked up on Amazon as a cheap selection, I was FUCKING HOOKED. I was in the middle of my marathon of missing the 80’s and everything about the OAV really grabbed me! I really love the rocking part of the soundtrack!

For our Japanese readers, this was part of the anime that you never learned about. It has the same chara designer as Dirty Pair, but this was the high-budget production OAV that never finished. This was the pefect tribute to “Blade Runner”! So if you can find this in your local stores, Japanese fans, I highly suggest you check it out!

Anyway, see the live video below!


It’s the 80’s Japan that I longed for!

I used the Anime version because it much clearer…

The unclear live version…

Look, of course I know I’m just being a fucking idiot and an old fart, and these people look terrible for today’s age. But it was a glorious age for many of us, nonetherless. It was a time that things didn’t fuck up every 5 minutes and life didn’t change every 3 days to to 3 months! It’s called “stability” and people used to enjoy this luxury!

It’s 10:05 PM on Thursday, December 31, Taipei Time and I hope 2009 as well as the era of 00’s go back to the hell hole it crawled out of! Enjoy what’s left of it and here’s a better 2010 and beyond!

Ladies VS Butler 1 – Evil Childhood Friend, at your service!

Whoa…I think I’m a little disoriented!

Seeing the title and then watching all the stereotypical fan service elements, including the inevitable fall, the breast grabbing, the panties (yes!!!!!), I thought I was back in old fashioned Otaku heaven!

And I was! As shitty as it is being by myself spending the last remaining hours of 2009 and on the verge of turning 33, I honestly enjoyed the fast-paced and yet taming episode! After all, you’re at a school full of daughters of high class that faint easily, not to mention are defenseless against normal, horny and ronery guys, and then you have the evil Tomomi, played by Kawasumi Ayako playing the evil Ono Kanoko and the foxy girl in Kanokon, and you have a great comedy waiting to please your appetite for some ecchi and some inevitable situation!

Hey, life is good, or at least, you must brainwash yourself into thinking that way to avoid feeling like shit at any moment. And for our hero, life is good, although he’s treated like a pervert right on episode one.

So, if you haven’t watched one, sit back and enjoy. Will I watch 2? Who knows!

Oh and don’t forge the strippin’ Goto Yuko character!

RP’s Impression.

Oishii Anime’s Impression.

Anime3000’s Thought

2010: The Year We Make Less Anime (..Please?)

I need you to clear out your desk by 12:00am. Don't make me break out the fire extinguisher.

Okay 2000 – 2009, It’s time to pack it in, you’ve had your fun. Get out. Seriously. We need your locker for the new guy. No hard feelings. We all knew this day was going to come. And sure, I know we had ourselves more than a fair share of great times. That Suzumiya-san sure was awesome wasn’t she? Several years of Naruto & Bleach were more than I could ever have wanted out of a decade of anime on big money. What’s better than a couple hundred filler episodes? Hundreds more, right? And how about all of those uber pretty shows that delivered the service, and none of the charm? I could have gone another year with more moe heavy works, and hijinks bordering on pedophilia on novacaine doused with hallucinogens in aerosol form. Hell, I’ll miss those too.

Continue reading 2010: The Year We Make Less Anime (..Please?)

Look how far we have come long, baby

Ye Ole Anime Diet on Oct 11, 2007, the first time we were web archived.

The Contemporary and sleek Anime Diet as of December 30, 2009

I guess I was being melancholy and contemplative in recent days as it finally struck me in that we have been reaching out and finding people responding. That what I do actually matter, for once.

With that, I bid you good night from Taipei Time. I’ve been trying to go to sleep early these days. But anyway,

Seig Diet!

Love Azunyan!

I’ve gotta say, when I saw Azusa on K-On, I was hooked.

She’s cute, easily embarassed but somehow even more moe than Mio. I also really liked the episode when she insisted on people practicing but ended up having the most fun and that tan with the tan line was hawt!

I guess my oji-san complex is on, eh?

In any event, found these below:

Yes, I know it’s Ranka (Nakajima Ai) singing, but it’s still cool!

Wow…that was an amazing piece of fan creation. I was quite surprised that it even has a mini-plot!

This time, the entire K-On band is involved. More Ranka singing, though.

I really like this for my Azunyan fix!

Great for spacing out at work…

Mizuwhirl’s thought on K-On (a second season is coming)

こなちゃん’s live translation from 2 ch

Without dressing this one up and wanting to show my appreciation, here are the comments こなちゃん
made to Cosplay picture post

Thank you for reading my comments!!!!
The Latest Information.
{2ch In japan time 30/12 13:12→ pm 1:12}
Real Time! Nanoha has a high popularity
a long line of people.
This sites will not able to be seen
when Response is over 1000.

(all Japanese reader)”

“「新着レスの表示」when  click,
a new response can be seen.
They are in spot.”

“They seem to be having lunch.
Some people having a rest in MacDonald?
Toho[東方] many many fans.
They are often tired by a long line of people.”

UPDATE: At today night it is to renew.)

(Nico Nico Movie) There is Live broadcast.

ambulance? Tumult? ・東方列で数えたところ、100人中18歳以下と見られるのは62人いた
(It is 62 person to be estimated at 18 years old or less in 100 people. At TOHO row.)
(One of three escalators was breaked is repairing by about five people .
A West Building2F→1F.)


A new Inn full infected person ( Not recover) is exposed in the  hall.

junior high school students and high school student’s group of young people return to a row,and they are making trouble.
Ah,this site is over.
Well, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day, こなちゃん! We at Anime Diet deeply appreciate your hard work! See you later!

Cosplay pictures from Comiket 77!

You know Comiket is the holiest event for Otaku, right? Well, thanks to こなちゃん, our most loyal Japanese reader, we have fresh and exclusive pictures of 3 beautiful and hard working cosplayers from the event! Check them out!

First, his awesome comment in the best English he could manage:

A beautiful woman!
Cosplay’s tips・・
“cosplay”! That reminds me.
Comic Marcket have been held in my country!(
28~30/12 I’m sorry it’s Japan time.)
Today is the end of Comic Marcket 77
in my country in 2009. (The time that I’m writing in this is 30/12 1:07 at darkness)
Cosplay’s graphics are open in various sites.

Second, if you can read 2-chan well, it’s now updating in real time. Unfortunately, our Japanese correspondent in CA is probably asleep…

[2ch]2ちゃんねる real time

OK, now the links to the pics!


Finally, こなちゃん, thank you very much and we really appreciate your experience at Comiket and your links! どうも ありがとございました。

UPDATE: Mainichi’s Comiket 77 pics, alerted by Deb Aoki, on Zone Otaku, Day 3 Pics on Moe Passion

Obsessed with Taiga

I’ve always wanted to see a “Taiga Uppercut”. Now I have it!

So I guess my secret is out – I really like Kugimiya Rie’s voice as tsundere – nothing else, not at all, just tsudere. As it is the end of the year and we’re dry on fresh ideas or simply not feeling that any reviews should be written for the Fall 09 season, I present to you – The Taiga Profile.

(I always love MAD videos – they give me proper seisures!)

Taiga Aisaka or Aisaka Taiga is a better tsundere character because she has much deeper character depth and she has a background story that’s rooted deep in a the story of lot of wealthy families from ancient times to today. But it is speciallty a Japanese phenomenon taken to the extreme – hard working parents that are never home, not even on Christmas or New Year’s. That said, what props Taiga up is her lovable but fierce, no-nonsense (except when in love) personalty and daringness to experss her unhappiness in front of people. Maybe it’s childish to us, but to a Japanese viewer, that’s phenomenoal, shocking and releasing. Anyway, more clips.

(Emotional breakdowns are genuine as this in anime is hard to find)

But Taiga isn’t just a all-out fighting and toughing it out character. She longs for love and she wants it hard. Always wearing that protective shell and yet hating it but can’t really give it up makes her realizes that she needs Ryuji more than ever, especially around the “most wonder time of the year”. To me, the period from Christmas to New Year’s is the “most depressing time of the year”. Less talking, more clips.

(Just go. Don’t stay too long or you’ll regret…)

She just needs someone who can tolerate, accept and even come to love all her faults. We all need someone like that. As tough as she is outside, she wears all the feminine accessories during special occassions to show people what she really wishes she could show all the time. But only with Ryuji she doesn’t have to show a mask or show a special feminine side. Both are her and both are equally presented in front of him.

(is it scary to be vulernable? Is it scary to jump off Taipei 101 even with protective gear? That depends on the person)

There isn’t much more to say and  I just ended this article with the above youtube video. Have a good night and take care of your loved ones, friends, family, lovers and all.

Yaoi is taking over Anime Diet

NOT! But considering we do have some female readers, and some of them possibly don’t mind or need to get a good laugh, I decided to take one for the team and look at 3 BL clips and make commentaries on them.

WARNING: if you really love BL/yaoi with a passion and is easily offended, please stop reading right here. Or just enjoy the youtube clips. But if you want to hear my reaction on my first real exposure to fujoshi interests, play the clip and my commentary together. In short, it’s a comedy bit.

1. So BL

2. He gets to fuck both his best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend.

3. Big guy with wasp waist VS weak little man not used to pajamas.

My Commentary tracks below