Audio Face Off: Ray and Mike Sound Off on Detroit Metal City

Here’s a little experiment–an audio version of one of our now-regular feature, the Face Off. Here, we have a rambling conversation about the recently concluded Detroit Metal City, one of the most outrageous and yet hilarious comedies to come along in anime in a while. We talk not only about the final episode but also about the manga, and why there doesn’t seem to be any bands today that are like DMC.

As befits a show of its nature–this audio file is tagged “Explicit” in iTunes. Unless you want your kid to be like Krauser-tan, we suggest, as Negishi does, that your child listen to something else. :)

Anime Diet Radio Episode 27 – The Long Fall Haul

After a long, long break–this is the 27th episode of Anime Diet Radio. Which was recorded a month ago, as you’ll quickly tell when you discover how far we were in the Fall season on this one…it was employment, folks, full-time employment that did me in for about a month. But in either case, there are three news items about the weirdness of otakudom as well as a Roundtable extravaganza about ef-a tale of melodies, Ga-Rei Zero, Kuroshitsuji, Kurozuka, and Chaos;Head!

I should also note that Anime Diet Radio Episode 28 is actually in the can (recorded last week), and should be released next week.

Show Order

  • (00:00-04:37) Introduction
  • (04:38-12:00) News 1: Evangelion 2.0: “You Can (Not) Advance”
  • (12:01-18:44) News 2: Kannagi is “Pizza Hutted”
  • (18:45-26:33) News 3: Woman Threatens Parents Over Manga
  • (26:34-27:22) Roundtable: Intro
  • (27:23-31:18) Roundtable: MIke on ef-a tale of melodies
  • (31:19-38:35) Roundtable: Ray on Ga Rei Zero
  • (38:36-45:18) Roundtable: Jeremy on Kuroshitsuji
  • (45:19-55:00) Roundtable: All on Kurozuka
  • (55:01-63:23) Roundtable: All on Chaos;Head
  • (63:23-end) Conclusion

Show Notes

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Kurozuka 8 – a breather, Ninja Scroll in the future and please don’t talk about shit.

I totally forgot that last episode the crew was facing the Old Turtle Dude and the overtly wacky long hair woman.

I’m obviously missing a lot of references here, as Kuro is sucked into the illusion, and the Turtle dude makes him take out some human waste in the delusion (yeeeewww).

Also, Kuro works with the strange hair woman in reenacting the scene of confrontation between her and Saniwa; or he’s like the cue for her to start; sort of like the guys hitting the small drums in a Noh play.

It’s a bit odd that him and the enemy almost coordinates in the reenactment; again, there’s a Japanese cultural reference that I missed somewhere.

As the plot takes a sharp turn (this being 13 episode and all), Kuromitsu shows up, and dispose of the enemy in her remaining stage. But the mysterious to Kuro’s memory and why Kuromitsu cut his head off at that time still isn’t solve, nor anything from his memory for that matter.

The answer is in the Genom/Tyrell Tower, the Gate of Mordor, the core of the Death Star…

One way in, one way out. But if Kuromitsu is waiting in there, then…

Could she be the one orchestrates it all? What about the Onmiyoji?

What parts of Kuro’s (I guess being Minamoto Raiko doesn’t matter now) memory is real? Which part is false? What’s the ultimate significance?

We get a breather from the epic battle in this episode, and Ninja Scroll like supernatural enemies fills this episode up and together with the Noh play sequence, makes it all that more exotic.

I await the release of subtitled (English or Chinese) DVD with eagerness and impatience. I just hope the show doesn’t let me down.

Oh and, don’t just read this! Watch the episode and immerse in this piece of art yourself.

First Look Fair: Eternal Sonata

My, my…my first real article in a month, and it’s a game review of all things. This isn’t just any game, though–it’s a very anime-ish game, featuring Hirano Aya no less as the main girl, and it offers a blend of story, music, and sensible gameplay that has me enthralled like I haven’t been since the old Final Fantasy games.

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Kurozuka 6,7 – it’s sad what power can drive people to do / Women are lethal and confusing

Never underestimate how power can corrupt a person, but of course, who doesn’t want to tame it? Here’s the issue though, I though Kuromitsu’s blood is what gives people power in this show, but apparently some post-apocalypse thing is in effect because the people at the village of Kagu (Kagura) is instilled with power because of the event. It’s a contrast I’m hoping to see explained.

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Chaos; (gives) Head (trip) 06 – finally I’m confused

I honestly don’t know if that’s a good thing, but finally the real head trips begins.

Crazy people being manipulated by a machine in an Otaku’s backpack?

People marching with signs, shouting “get rid of the demon”?

Not quite brown noise (thank goodness no bowl movements is shown) that knocked everyone down on their feet?

Taku finally breaking down, starts to trust Rimi, but signs (especially with the touching music and her hesitant attitude) starts to point that perhaps he’s not the psychotic killer after all?

What the fuck is one thing, but what the hell is going on is another. Here’s what I know so far:

1. Aoi Sena really does have a sword, and she’s trying to track down whoever is behind the strange events, and she doesn’t think Taku is behind it.

2. Di-sword is real, and it is the key to the mystery

3. Taku treats his sis like crap and I hate him.

4. Taku has become more whiny and Shinji-fied but maybe he’s just a scared Otaku (we all know how brave Otaku usually are)

5. Kozue’s character may never develop since it’s already episode 6 and the series is slated for 12 eps.

6. Something may be affecting the entire Japan, from deep within the governing political party.

Clearly, the show has shifted from the potential bad ending (that Taku is just insane) to something of a supernatural event. The moon, the low energy point (Fengshui stuff), the possible low energy point in the middle of the Shibuya cross intersection (where Taku saw Shogun), and girls who are greatly affected by the brown noise (like Ayase) and girls who don’t seem to be affected at all (Rimi).

If I really didn’t say anything, that’s because I’m utterly confused at this point and can only point out stuff that stands out to me.

Perhaps it’s the demon of daydreaming attacking Shibuya, and only Taku, with his superior daydream power, can save the day? Who knows?

At this point, too much confusion and the plot is starting to get tangled, and Taku is starting to get really unlikable (oddly, I have a high tolerance of characters like that; Shinji was the only character that ever ticked me off), thus I’m not entire hopeful for a descent ending. We’ll see.

Moving on…

Face Off: Ray and Mike Heap Praise on Kurozuka

Ray: I can’t seem to remember a Madhouse production that I didn’t like. And Kurozuka is the surprise hit of the season for me. It’s simply…too…awesome!

Mike: I have to say, we really need more “mature” stories like this one. There is a wonderful soundtrack, fluid battle animation, and one of those epic concepts that easily could have become cheesy–love that crosses the distance of time–but it actually works.

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It figures…

Not mine!
Not mine!

…that my roommate, Mike, would, as an artist, be looking for inspiration in the form of these…models. :) Models made of high quality molded plastic. I haven’t heard them talking back yet, a la Chaos;Head.

All these were bought in the last two months.

BTW, go check out his Deviant Art page and give it a look. We also guested him on a recent podcast.

This purely random post is my official reintroduction after one week of being kidnapped by Real Life (TM) including, for once, actual employment. The usual reviews and blah blah to come!

Detroit Metal City review – My pictorial diary of my fandom

Without further ado, here it is my journey into the underground music theme and my up close and personal, not to mention insightful look, into my favorite fictional band of all time, Detroit Metal City, DMC (BE SURE TO CLICK THE PICS TO ENLARGE, AND CLICK AGAIN TO SEE THE SUB TITLES).

Go to DMC! Go to DMC! Got DMC! What? Don’t make slaughter your ass right here in the middle of the street!