Old vs. New Fansubs and Biblical Translation Philosophies

Paul “Otaking” Johnson is causing a bit of a stir with his half-hour Youtube documentary about why modern fansubbers are inferior to the older fansubs and official translations. He makes some excellent points, but I want to talk more about the translation philosophy he espouses–because it’s also been at the heart of debates over the main text I work with in translation, the Bible. Johnson’s views are a bit one-sided, even extreme, and I want to demonstrate why there needs to be a balance.

(The video above is only part 1; see parts 2, 3, 4, and 5. Also, be warned: this article is LONG, heavy on Biblical examples, and short on pictures. So for those of you who are tempted to comment as such, I’ll say it for you right now on your behalf: tl;dr.)

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An Uprising in Noodles: My Time At Ramen Revolution

Almost two weeks ago–forever in Internet time, I know–I went to a live taping of Ramen Revolution, a late-night TV show on local channel KSCI that just started. It was one of the stranger episodes in my years of fandom. (See Benu and Dancing Queen’s posts about this.)

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Because I Can’t Resist Pointing This Out

Many of you are no doubt aware that Gainax is not actually responsible for the Evangelion Rebuild movies. Instead, an Anno-created outfit called “Studio Khara” is the actual production company. I was wondering what “Khara” actually meant…until I saw a storyboard from the production. “Khara” is actually a Greek word (this might look funny if you don’t have a Greek font):


(The first letter is a “chi” pronounced like “k.” Normally, it’s romanized as “ch” so had they said “chara,” I would have been tipped off earlier.)

“Chara” means “joy” in Greek. Being a seminarian with a tiny bit of knowledge of New Testament Greek, I checked my lexicon to see what NT passages would contain a prominent use of this word. I found a rather famous one, actually, in Luke 2:10:

γαρ ευαγγελιζομαι υμιν χαραν μεγαλην

Or, in English,

For I bring to you good news (euangelizomai) of great joy (charan megalein).

Euangelizomai, of course, is just the verb form of “proclaiming the good news (euangelion).”

So. Guess what project Studio Khara brings out first? That’s right, Evangelion. Coincidence? I think not.

Maybe Anno’s done his homework this time after all!

HT: KT + Anime, which inspired me to look this up.

Offtopic: For Those of You Pining After Christian Theology

I’ve got a blog for it now, called “Word and Spirit.” I finally found the time to design and open it up. After the last major foray into some good old fashioned systematic theology on this blog caused an unexpected stir, I’ve been plotting how I was going to do this. Now it’s finally a reality.

So save your bookmarks, those who are interested in what I do when I’m not doing anime: http://wordandspirit.imagria.com. This is the first and last time I’ll be taking up your blog aggregators about this, so act fast. You only get these kinds of posts when one of the bloggers is a seminarian!

Thanks, everyone–and now, back to anime and manga.

(PS: this will not affect Art and Soul, my religion and anime audio column. That will continue to be hosted here.)

The connection between Gundam and the Olympics is…

From ANN

Japanese Mall Uses Gundam Figure in Olympic Tribute

A shopping center in the Japanese town of Ise has installed a 4-meter (13-foot) tall statue of the Mobile Suit Gundam anime’s RX-78-2 robotic mecha with a banner wishing good luck to Japan’s Mizuki Noguchi at the upcoming Beijing Olympics…

Ray’ s Take: …What? Gundam playing sports, maybe? Or G Gundam fighting tournament? But…this is running!!! Give  her a Jogging Gundam or something! RX-78 can’t run!

What connection?

Zombie Girl for Gainax

From ANN

Shikabane Hime Confirmed as Gainax’s new TV Series

…confirmed that Gainax‘s new television series will be Shikabane Hime (Corpse Princess) this fall…

Ray’s take: I saw the manga and I wasn’t all that impressed. A little big more background on the story: Makina the heroine herself was killed by a undead and then she was “raised” by her trainer/handler the Buddhist monk guy (I forgot his name) in vengeance (don’t they all do that). The undead here aren’t necessarily zombies, and they are undead because of their left over desire. Again, I think the art in the manga was up to par, the story for some reason wasn’t all that impressive. There was a lot of gore and a lot of action. I suppose the character dynamic was good and once again, the villain wants to destroy a certain order in the world to create his own because of certain traumatizing event in his past.

Some magical Japanese style Buddhist sorcery goes on plus machine guns, swords and undead attacks and well, you get the idea. Not that I’m not recommending it, but I guess for me, it was all right.

Anime Diet Radio Episode 21: Gettin’ Plastered

Anime Diet Radio, at long last, gets a toast as we reach our 21st episode! In this episode, we tackle: strange Evangelion inspired foods, Haruhi season 2 information, and in our Roundable Kaiba, Library War, Chiko Heiress of the Phantom Thief, Amatsuki, and Himitsu: The Revelation. We also follow up on the comment we got from “scythe” in the previous episode.

(For the record–my own first alcohol experience was when I was 21. It was, indeed, with sake. So the title has special significance or me!)

Show Order

  • (00:00–04:37) Introduction
  • (04:38–13:01) News 1: Eva Foods
  • (13:02–22:45) News 2: Haruhi Suzumiya, season 2 info
  • (22:46–35:16) Mailbag
  • (35:17–58:02) Roundtable: Library War, Kaiba, Chiko, Amatsuki, Himitsu

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Over the Future” by the Karen Girls (OP to Zettai Karen Children)
  • –ED: “Swinging” by Muramasa (OP to Tower of Druaga)
  • –This episode contains our official farewell to Fred, who covered Mononoke last year for us. Fondest wishes in New York! (The introduction makes more sense if you know that Jeremy and I were at his farewell party the evening before the recording. And singing karaoke. Very badly, in my own case.)
  • –The original news story regarding the Eva promotional food items is at Anime News Network (1).
  • –The article about Haruhi Suzumiya’s next season is also at Anime News Network (2).
  • –The comment we answered is at this post (3). Chake, we got your comment after we recorded this episode. Thanks, and we will comment on it in the next episode.

Reference List for iTunes Users

  • (1) http://tinyurl.com/4vwagj
  • (2) http://tinyurl.com/24e4g5
  • (3) http://animediet.net/archives/3691#comments

In the Grim future of Hello Kitty against China Ala WWII there’s only war!!!

From ANN –

Hello Kitty Named Japan’s Tourism Ambassador to China

The Japanese government has “appointed” Hello Kitty as its tourism ambassador to China and Hong Kong on Monday.

The Hello Kitty‘s Dream Light Fantasy stage musical opened in Beijing earlier this year, and it will later travel to other countries, including the United States. Several Hello Kitty manga have been created over the years — from a 1976-1979 one in Ririka magazine to Hello Kitty Peace!!, the most recent manga by Anzu Momoyama that will launch in Ribon magazine on June 6. Hello Kitty has been animated several times over the years, and veteran Japanese voice actress Megumi Hayashibara (Ranma ½‘s female Ranma, Evangelion‘s Rei) has played her in almost all of them. ADV Films released English-dubbed versions of some of the videos.

Ray’s take: Chinese beware! The Japanese once again is trying to take over China in 3 months using a different tactic! instead of guns, bombings and imperial troops, this time it’s cuteness! Beware, as one Chinese American (read: me) has already been conquered and collected figurines produced by 7-11! HELP ME!!!! Megumi-sama, bonzai! Bonzai! Bonzai!

I can see Zhong at the front line fighting the invasion of kittykus borgs