I’ve Made My Anime Blog Award Nominations. Have YOU?

Well, maybe it’s not QUITE that prestigious

I guess I’m really late to this party–the whole thing started when I was still swamped with final papers–but I have at last made my nominations for the various categories in the Anime Blog Awards! I think the idea of the awards is a great idea, especially for lesser-known or read blogs. Now (if you are also a blogger) is your chance to put in the names of blogs you enjoy in several different categories, by April 22nd when nominations end and voting begins! Voting is open to all.

As a previous recipient of an award of sorts (and two), I would like to humbly suggest if you feel so moved to nominate this little establishment somewhere too. (Some of you have–my deepest thanks.) Anyways, that’s my part in the anime blogging community…though, come tomorrow, you might see what else I’ve been up to lately. Stay tuned. :)

Yay! More Kugiyama Rie picking on Hayate!

From ANN

Hayate the Combat Butler! Anime’s Second Season Leaked

The story follows a boy named Hayate who serves as a butler, bodyguard, confidante, and more to a girl named Nagi to pay off a 156,804,000-yen (about US$1.6-million) debt.

Mike’s Take:  Let me have my Rie, please! Please! I need my tsundere fix!!! Please!!! Yes! Yes! More Kugi for meeeeeeee! My Preciousssss Kugi Rie!!!!!

Anime Diet Radio Episode 19 – Back In The Saddle

Vampires and Saddles

Wow…has it been this long? This is Anime Diet Radio #19, take 3–there were two previous attempts to record this but they either had tech issues or were too long ago to be relevant anymore. (Take #2 will be released shortly thereafter as a “LOST EPISODE!”) But the whole gang’s here, and we’ll be talking about the Gonzo simulcast streaming deal, the new Slayers, Clannad, Hellsing, Slum Dunk, They Are My Noble Masters, and Kaiji!

A word about the mailbag. The very brief mailbag section was recorded long ago–it was the only part of “take 2” that survived here–and so it misses Dan’s later comment on episode 18. The campaign of Ikari “Mike” Gendo would like to say in response that the American people need change and there is no greater change than to return to the 19th century style of hirsuite men’s facial hair. Public photos of the candidate will soon be posted and it will be sure to mobilize the voters, otaku and non-otaku, to say with Gendo: “YES, EVA CAN!”

Show Order

  • (00:00 – 05:32) Introduction
  • (05:33 – 21:32) News: discussion on Gonzo’s simultaneous releases
  • (21:33 – 29:33) News: Slayers Revolution
  • (29:34 – 32:52) Mailbag
  • (32:53 – 1:04:33) Roundtable: Clannad, Hellsing, Slam Dunk, They Are My Noble Masters, Kaiji

Show Notes

  • –OP: “disarm dreamer” by Aki Misaki (Genshiken 2 OP)
  • –ED: “Kono Namida ga Arukara Tsugi no Ippo to Naru” by Ami Tokito (School Rumble 2 ED)
  • –News about Gonzo’s extraordinary move was reported at Anime News Network (1). Some more information is available about how BOST is handling their releases is here (2)–apparently you pay for both a stream AND an included downloadable, DRM free file to keep on your computer, with no additional cost.
  • –The news about Slayers Revolution was also reported there (3).


  • 1. http://tinyurl.com/2jewmm
  • 2. http://www.bosttv.com/gonzo/
  • 3. http://tinyurl.com/2jocd9

Director of my AMAZING NUTS! for Winter Sonata the Animation!

From ANN

Winter Sonata the Animation’s Trailer Streamed Online (Updated) 

…The story follows two childhood friends – a boy and a girl…Daisuke Nakayama (Tweeny Witches, Amazing Nuts!…Bae Yong-Joon…

Ray’s take: All right, all right. It was late and I laughed at my title. But Holy Shit! The lead does look like that guy! Actually, if I were reading this I’d stop reading the article at the guy’s name (Bae Yong-Joon or Pai Yon Jun or whichever it was), because sappiness and tearjerkers often piss the hell out of me. And Oh look, a innovative main plot! Yay!

(Handing Mike a box of tissues while nodding my head off.)

Looks like good animation, though. It’s time for fan girls to scream in joy!

I think I heard Section 9 and Golgo 13 knocking on my door…

From ANN

Tokyo Anime Center Posts “Stop! Fan-Subtitle” Notice (Updated)

Ray’s take: yep, anytime it becomes a national issue, all of the sudden everyone cares, before it was just us stout otakus from many nations, gathering in our little corners of sanctuary, worshiping and believing in the power of Gundams and Evas, fighting for the right to stay geeky and unnoticed, and even laughed at, which we treated as badges of honor. There were many prosecutions and trials, but we waited for the light, and what did we get?

More fucking people. More fucking ippanjin (normals, commoners, whichever derogatory terms you want to use) who often say: “I download all my anime and never bought a single copy of anything.” It was good when it was just us, but thanks to that goddamned infidel Densha Otoko, all of the sudden we get assholes in Akiba looking at us like we’re caged animals for these idiots’ pleasure to see. These God damned assholes with their stuck up girlfriends and jock buddies don’t even pay the zookeeper! They just come and steal sights as well as snickers! We don’t want attention, we want these assholes to permanently get the living hell out of our Holy land, or else, we shall declare our jihad like in Akiba@Deep, and fight a happy war against these true infidels!

Please at least buy a set of your most favorite series, a thin pack, if you have to wait, but stop telling me about economic concerns, instead, tell that to the kids (read: creators and artists) that are starving in Japan. So you wanna be bad, just eat it…eat it…eat it…eaat it. Oh and…

Sieg Zeon!

Yes, moving on…

How many pieces do you want?

From ANN (yes, yet again) –

Cartoon Network Has No Plans for One Piece’s Return (Updated) 

…no plans to resume airing of the One Piece…

Ray’s take: Look at the forum and someone said Goosebumps are being repeated over and over again. I remember when I was back in States I memorized every episode of Scooby Doo (but that was a lot of fun). Then again, I memorized the episodes of Gundam Wing, except I didn’t care for the dub (except 3 cheers for Duo’s dub actor – he was right on). So with a show with a great many episodes, it maybe all right not to rerun them again. But hey, CN makes some weird decisions. Moving on again…

Rejoice, lolicons, rejoice! For the second season is upon you!

From Ann (again) –

Kodomo no Jikan (Nymphet) Second Term Anime Announced 

Ray’s take: All right, you know who you’re, prepare to use your tissues, I mean to discuss the issues, and order the manga online and whet your appetite in anticipation in the biggest loli event of the year…Just kidding.  Please don’t ask me to watch it. I’ve heard about it and watched one episode and I didn’t get the point of it. But I think I was disturbed. Oh well, moving on…

I know these communists were up to no good…But there’s no point keeping someone for ages…Or – yeah, I think that’s it.

From ANN

Megumi Anime about Girl Abducted by N. Korea Posted 

…has posted on its website the Megumi anime about a Japanese girl abducted by North Korea…Kouichi Yamadera (Cowboy Bebop’s Spike, Donald Duck’s Japanese voice) leads an all-star cast that also includes Rica Fukami (Sailor Moon’s Sailor Venus, Macross Plus’ Myung), Minami Takayama (Detective Conan’s Conan, Escaflowne’s Dilandau)…

Ray’s take: Well, watch it for the all star cast and their acting. But yeah, I’d say the people abducted are already dead. Because as far as I know, there’s no point keeping someone for 30 plus years for nothing (in today’s world, that is) anyway. But, it’s time to send it Section 9 and Golgo 13!

Chii?!!! What? It’s not a personcon? Throw it out!

From ANN

Chi’s Sweet Home Kitten Anime’s Ad Posted 

…launched a homepage for the Chi’s Sweet Home anime…in spite of the family’s apartment rules…

 Ray’s take: What? No personcon to take home? Actually…ooooh…. Is what I wanted to sa but my teeth hurts so bad from the sugary sweetness. And the cat just isn’t cute enough for me. I’d take Chii  (from Chobits) home any day and to hell with the apartment’s rules!

Bamboo Blade 24, 25 – a slap in the face – my face.

snapshot20080329001429.jpg snapshot20080329001451.jpg snapshot20080329001505.jpgsnapshot200803290024231.jpgsnapshot200803290025581.jpgsnapshot200803290026081.jpgthumbs200803290026351.jpg

Oh Mai…Wait a second, I meant, omai…iya, that’s not right either. I meant, oh my goodness.

Azuma really tells Miyamiya, and in the same process, told me.

“You can’t decide that on your own!”

“Twice and you’re gonna quit?”

“You wanna quit? You can decide if you wanna quit after you win it!”

While I was watching I felt that I was getting a few needed slaps in the face, telling me not to just bitch and give up so easily. I mean, I don’t know but have you ever had the moment where something that’s on TV seems to be talking to you directly?

I think I’ll custom order a T-Shirt that says: “Everything I learn about life comes from anime.”

What this episode does used to be done in shonen sports manga, when the main character is down and out, or the main team is down and out, and one of the members or a best friend comes, and talk, but often, beat up the main guy and tell him to get it straight. Well, Azuma’s seiyyu really struck a chord within me. Her lines stung, and stung deep. These were well-placed slaps. I watched the scene 2 more times just to remember that.

As for the rest, um…What did Tamaki do get out of it?

I do remember Kirino getting a lesbian scare (and me with a “go for it” cheer – yes, I’m actually kidding) when Saya came on really strong.

But hey, it’s Bamboo Blade. The two trouble makers submitted their quitting/resigning form, after the tougher guy loses to Dan the armadillo, and then we learn that the tough guy actually loves kendo…so he picks on people…so to protect the club, they both quit…yeah

Whatever. But the episode was simply a great watch. Moving on to 25 –

Wow, another bang.

I guess Miya didn’t use flash blade, or read the yoki of that fake American, but she used the classic “power of love” junk.

I think her English didn’t really improve from when she was in Nadesico as Yurika….Oh wait a sec.

But you know what? It was…kind of cool how she won in the official tournament, and then in the aftermath.

The traditional music and the conveniently grown reeds were pretty cool. I kinda expected she to throw the shinai at that moronic stalker after she wins. One shot takes care of two opponents, but she didn’t.

I kept on screaming: “Use the Fuuzan ! Use the Fuuzan ( see Claymore manga)!”

Yeah, I know, annoying fanboyism and stupid crossovers tha will never happen (and whatever else), so moving on…

I guess based on Kenshin’s opponents, Tama-chan would make a great assassin (with that stabber opponent episode in Kenshin). But the samurai music and the battle sequences were simply excellent. Damn, this show is fun to watch even if there really isn’t anything super special about it.

Is Kojiro gone for good? Hell no. Guess who are going to go look for him?

Great episodes that resolves a lot of conflicts and gets the show going. Looking forward to episode 26.