Halko Momoi Retracts?

Halko Momoi, who we talked about in our con wrapup podcast regarding the notorious treatment she received at AX 2007, has posted a thank-you which seems to double as a retraction. She now thanks the staff for their hard work, and talks about how great the concert was. (See the ANN news item about this.)

I’m an onlooker on these events, since I didn’t go to her concert on Monday, and it’s my understanding that her infamous negative blog post about AX 2007 was posted a day before that concert. As her apology notes, it was after a number of events, including her autograph session, were canceled. I suppose it shows how a good show can go a long way in repairing the feelings at least of an aggrieved performer.

I don’t think this letter, heartfelt as it is, totally negates the poor impression that her initial blog post caused for AX though. That a major guest would complain so openly and publicly is already something of a tipping point, a sign that all is not well at the root. It appears that the staff scrambled to make things better after the post, which is to their credit, and helped turn her overall experience into a generally positive one. She even notes at the end that she hopes to play more US shows in the future…will it be at AX again, though? Who knows.

This story ended well, but the lesson is still clear: don’t screw your guests of honor!

Taking Stock: How are We Doing?

The new logo is just the beginning: there are some changes underway for both the website and the podcast. But before we embark on the new hotness, we’d like to know what you, loyal readers, think about where we’re at! Google Analytics says that almost 2000 of you show up every week and now it’s your turn to speak out. (Thank you all 2000 of you for visiting, btw.)

Specifically, we’re curious to know

  • What works in the podcast? What doesn’t? Are we structured enough or too rigid?
  • What kind of blog posts would you like to see more of? Less of?
  • What are some of your favorite podcast episodes? Least favorite?
  • How much money it would take to buy your love? (I keed, I keed…)

More seriously, as our site continues to grow and expand, we just thought it was a good time to take stock and figure out how we can serve you, the otaku, better as a website. We await your comments and/or flames…and we promise to take your feedback into account as we make changes! Thanks.

Mike’s “Real Life Sideswiped Me” Catchup Roundup

I may have been busy reading and grading homeworks last week, but I actually did watch some anime too. Here’s a roundup of everything I saw last week.

Liability is what you get when LOLCENSOR isn’t around. Janet Jackson, take note.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 3

The Lolcensor is…nowhere to be found? Maybe they’re not trying to satisfy Standards and Practices after all!

The cornucopia of mentally ill girls continues to grow (at least in part on the part of Kaede) and the harem aspect of this show continues to become clearer. Because that is, in the end, what this is–a harem comedy featuring some disturbed and mentally unstable girls following an equally mentally unstable guy. They all want him. They all adore him. Even the OCD girl wants to marry him. And now there are panty shots: the conventions are complete.

I’m beginning to wonder what exactly the point of this show is, though. It’s clever and funny and inventive, but it also seems pointlessly random at times. (Case in point: the final scene after the credits, aside from the lawsuit. Is this yet another reference I’m missing?) It seems to be a fractured perspective–not unlike that of Franz Kafka, who has a namesake in this show!–but from no one particular point of view.

Still, there’s way too little originality in the anime world and it’s refreshing to see something different.

It ain’t you, babe.

Hayate no Gotoku 17

Man, I haven’t written about this show in a good long while. I’ve read a number of people who are either giving up on the show or are getting bored of it, and I can sort of see why. The show could potentially become one of those endless sitcoms, like Ranma, where the concept is milked for all its worth long after it ceases to be funny.

This has not happened to the show for me. I still like it a lot, even if it’s no longer the star of the season. (Any season that contains Higurashi has that spot taken. Sorry!)

Some of it is the tsundere power of Rie Kugiyama, though in this show, she’s definitely more on the dere end of things. Some of it is Hayate’s indefatiguable desire to please and now, increasingly, protect his young manga nerd charge. Some of it is seeing Maria-san’s angry face scare the crap out of Hayate…

I understand that this particular episode was an anime original. I was able to tell the last time that happened–it was frustratingly random and directionless. I wasn’t able to tell with this one. It wasn’t as great as the immediately prior episodes, where Hayate fights other combat butlers, but it was more than passable.

I guess this was foreshadowing.

And I see the next episode is a swimsuit episode. Do they need one when they have the new closing credits anyway?

You mean losing its scariness?

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai 4

What’s interesting in the current arc is how much more subdued it is. By this time in season 1, Keiichi was in full blown frantic paranoia mode and the creepy factor had been turned up to 11. There was no humor by then, whereas there are still silly and chibi scenes in this one at the beginning–though things of course are beginning to shift with Satoko suspecting a stalker. And, as they say, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

I’ve come to realize that this is what the show excels at showing: how the bonds of trust and friendship can be slowly undermined and eventually broken by fear, suspicion, and ultimately hate. In each arc, there is always a scapegoat, a person who is left out of the community and must suffer the consequences–either as a victim or as the one who lashes out. In the previous arc, we saw a move toward forgiveness and restoration of those bonds at the end, though it seemed a little forced. In the current arc, Rika’s heavy sense of fatalistic foreboding seems to portend something bad again. If anything, Rika’s attitude is getting…how can I say this…annoying? Over and over, we hear “there’s nothing that can be done.”

Still, I’m eager to see what this most intelligent of thrillers will continue to offer up. The arc appears to be in its final stages and I want to see how it all ties together in the end.

Cyrano de Bergerac was more subtle than this, you know.

School Days 2-3

Everybody hates Makoto, it seems. Me, I just find him clueless in the way I was at that age, though he’s more blatant and indiscreet than I was. This is a show where the awkwardness between the principal three characters gives me that familiar shiver of recognition up the spine. You really can’t expect high schoolers to be emotionally astute. Makoto might be especially insensitive–people have rightly hammered him for ignoring Kotonoha on their first date, one part that I did find unrealistic (a guy like that doesn’t seem like he gets lots of dates, and considering how he was squealing like a girl about what he was going to wear, you’d think he’d be stupidly enraptured by his girl). He’s especially dense to miss the signal that Sekai did with that kiss in episode 1. But it’s only an exaggeration of reality, I think–I know plenty of guys who have missed signals the girl thought was patently obvious.

I did find the fanservice in episode 3 to be rather gratuitous, though. It’s one thing in the context of Makoto feeling lust; it’s another thing when it’s so we can simply find out that Sekai wears striped underwear. It actually doesn’t fit the tone of the show, either, which is subdued and generally believable.

The general lack of music actually helps a lot; it actually ratchets up the tension a bit in the more awkward scenes. Especially when you know a bad end is probably coming. (The last line of episode 3 is telling, and it’s all too easy to relate to for anyone who’s inexperienced with the way infatuation and teenage relationships work. That boredom is a test, and it is one that they will almost certainly fail, given how immature almost all these characters, especially Makoto, are.)

If this keeps up, School Days will definitely steal the crown from Kimi Ga Nozumo Eien as “best soap operatic drama based on an H-game” anime. It’s far less histrionic and lurid so far.

A rocking ringtone from Black Lagoon that makes you want to whack someone – not

Just another testosterone filled ringtone that’s a pleasure to wake up to in the morning! Turn it up loud and it’ll wake any sleepy head (we can only hope)!

Instead of vocals with badly sang English – there are no vocals in this one.

Hirano Aya’s photo Journal book – Banzai to My Otakuness!

2 copies.jpgdscf0382.JPG

Being a fan of Hirano Aya, I naturally kicked myself when I read that she’s coming out with a photo journal book/magazine, and I didn’t get a chance to place a pre-order for it – since I didn’t know until the initially set release date was way past. I searched all over the net in Chinese and some English sites to find where I can still place a pre-order with an e-store. No such luck. There were no sites in English that even remotely mentioned about her photo book, and for all the Chinese sites I surfed, I found that either no more pre-orders were being taken, or just plain info which wasn’t much help at all, since I already learned about the basic info – It’s Aya-chan’s first photo journal (well, not quite a journal but more like a collection of pictures of her, and no, nothing explicit), the Title in English is Hirano Aya H (H stands for the the first romanji of her last name and not “Hentai” – sorry guys) – Stair Way to 20 (probably a play of words of “the stairway to heaven”, which is where I’d love to take her…AH HUM!), but seriously, I had given up hope, reasoning that in no more than 5 years maybe even less, she’ll go back as a plain ol’s seiyuu-san – albeit hopefully a talented one.

Continue reading Hirano Aya’s photo Journal book – Banzai to My Otakuness!

Fansubs VS Licensed DVDs – Are fansubs killing the industry? Or the industry people’s crying wolf?

At AX, the industry claimed that fansubbed shows have been killing DVD sales. One of the points (thanks to Chibi Tokyo and other podcasts for reporting) was the fansubbed copies of certain shows can still be seen on Youtube even after these shows were licensed.

Next, some of the points we have discussed here at Anime Diet Radio (you can heard the latest eps here) and other points I’ve heard from other people, including people from the industry:

– fansubs are killing DVD sales.

– some DVDs are not well made at all and they’re a waste of money.

– companies should make episodes downloadable online, as soon as each eps is show on Japanese TV.

– some anime eps are already downloadable, but these files are dubbed and they’re so encrypted/protected/whatever that you can’t do anything else with them except just watch them – you can’t even back them up on discs (some clarifications here will be greatly appreciated).

– People do buy DVDs they like.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Fan subs are ultimately what helped to bring anime over to the States. It’s almost like an institution (albeit it’s really not, and it’s not going to be) for letting the fans previewing the newest titles available.

2. As for the DVDs, some of them have such bad production values on subtitling and/or dubbing, so much so that many complaints are heard. However, who’s to say for sure that not enough people buy well produced DVDs?

3. I don’t appreciate pirate copies and I appreciate DVD rips evenless. Yes, I’ve downloaded these before from a certain site. But I have stopped and I’m tossing away all the DVD ripped discs and replacing them with licensed DVDs – the artwork and the included goodies are such treats for me as a fan. But some people may feel entirely different about these things.

4. DVDs are cool, but they can be such a hassle to keep because they take up physical space. If I can download good subtitled copies and store them on my HD, I can access them so much quicker.

What do you think?

Claymore 17 review PART 2. What can you do if your opponent is god-like?


In pt.1 I mentioned about impossibly strong characters, and here I’ll talk about a couple rather minor things that I find not entirely satisfactory. 1. the impossibly strong, even god-like opponents. 2.the impossibility for me to compare/understand strengths and differences in strengths.

I’ll actually go with number 2 first. Riful and Duff are strong – super strong to the point that they make Ophelia the Awakened, who used to be no. 4 on the Claymore strength list; Irene, who supposedly practiced her techniques for many years even after losing one arm; Priscilla, who by using surprise, seemingly had no trouble taking out Teresa; Teresa, who used to be number one on the Claymore ranking, looking quite weak by comparison. Or can a comparison be made? There isn’t a clear distinction of how to rank powers of the Claymores, the Awakened, and the Abyssal Ones (thank you, Random Curiosity, and if not you, thanks to whoever first used this term in English for these characters in Claymore).

That’s really not that important to some extent. DBZ tried to assign power levels to everyone, but when a new opponent comes out, his (or her) power level usually blows the previous power level highs out of the water like nobody else’s business until another new opponent comes along – the whole process repeats over and over again so many times it gets ridiculously tedious and stupid. However, as a human being and a somewhat calculating one at that, I sometimes feel I’m on a layer of very thin ice when I’m trying to gauge the power of these characters (why? It’s not like I’m gonna have to fight them!). I personally demand some kind of measure that can help me to determine the strength of the characters so that I can kind of tell what kind of power clashes will happen and what likely the outcomes would be. It’s not exactly that I want to accurately predict the ending to a show, it’s more like knowing more precisely the strengths of the characters makes it easier for me to understand the character as a whole (maybe this is RPG influence).


I was told that Duff can probably squash the male awakened from quite a few eps back like an ant. That kind of threw my perceptions about characters into haywire. My questions would be (and try not to leave spoilers in comments if you can help it, folks), how’s Priscilla’s power compare with Duff? With Riful? What if the Abyssal Ones ever decide to end this world? Who could stop them?

I know the last one is a stretch at this moment. I’ve come to care about these things because this show is a great show that draws me in, and I’ve had trouble to take my focus away from Clare’s own, dare we say, “little” vengeance quest? What that means to me is that the overall world and plot was very well thought out. The world of Claymore is complex with many characters, goals and desires, and many different elements. What happens to Clare is just part of this big and wonderfully complex world.

Onto number 1 of my very minor dissatisfactions – the impossibly strong opponents.

Riful is a god. In fact, it just dawned on me that the Abyssal Ones are gods. They’re the gods of the Claymore world. Or at least demon gods. They’re clearly not on the humans’ side and they each harbor awakened ones and demons, which means they probably don’t give a lick about humans. I can’t help but automatically see them as villains. One gets an incredible frustration when the villains are super strong and cannot be defeated by what one perceives as the “good guys”. At least I feel very frustrated. But to be fair, in the Claymore world there aren’t really “good guys” and “villains”, but just characters motivated by their own personalities, desires and goals.


To me, it feels like we’re watching aces in combat with each other, with people as doormats (think Amuro Ray/Kira Yamato/Heero Yui against Char Aznoble/Rau Le Creuset/Zechs Merquise, and all the common soldiers that gets blown away by the hundreds). For some reason it’s not a pleasant feeling. The only bright spot is Clare, who fights to maintain the humanity inside herself and the humanity outside herself, which also includes herself. She’s not completely apart from it, though she does rise above it from time to time for fighting the necessary evil that inspires, trains, and even encourages her to fight for the humanity. The humanity does not understands her and also her comrades, but she and her comrades still do the necessary task to help the humanity out. Yes, for a fee, but don’t the police and the military in real life do these tasks for a fee, too? Are we not grateful most of the time anyways? Before I get too deep into something else completely, let me continue my discussion on point number 1.

Duff is insanely strong. Galatea, number 3 on the Claymore list, Jean, number 7 (I believe), and our heroine, Clare, who obviously has an extreme powerful potential (a common device for all shonen shows) almost completely lose to him. They are on the brink of being utterly annihilated and all they do seem to cause no damage on him. I’ve never enjoyed the type of warfares/battles where I get to see the same thing happen over and over again, and the opponent doesn’t even get scratched. I saw too much of that in DBZ and Saint Seiya, especially in DBZ where one fight can drag out for what counts as almost half a season in many other shows. I’ll admit, however, that I personally just doesn’t enjoy seeing impossibly strong opponents. Perhaps seeing these characters remind me of my own weakness against things in this world, and they prevent me the quick and easy satisfaction of seeing the protagonists and her friends winning with one super attack – not an easily conjured up super attack, mind you, but a super attack after enough beatings received. DBZ often pushes and goes way pass the limit of how much beating I can look at without throwing my hands in the air. I mean, after the 100th time Gohan/Tenjihan/Trunks/whoever uses a desperate super attack on Freeza/Cell/whoever, and Freeza/Cell/Whoever still look unscratched, save some dust on the body, I just change the channel.

I want the story to go on, already. Here I commend Claymore because Duff doesn’t last 5 to 10 (more like 10 to 20 eps in DBZ) eps before he is down. But I guess I’m just not good dealing with frustrations.


Next, Riful. The “demon goddess” in my view. She easily saves Duff, which is fine and expected, but she completely dwarfs Duff in size! And she’s apparently ultra-impossibly-super strong. To follow the Claymore pattern: 1. the bigger you’re the stronger you usually are as a part of the Awakened “community”. 2. Being part of that “community” often means that, more than one Claymores come together actually can’t kill you; in the cases of Ophelia and Teresa, one of them is actually enough, but they’re supposedly super strong, and because I’m never sure how the Awakened are ranked, I just don’t feel comfortable about the battles.

Jean’s coup de grace gets easily thwarted, which is OK because she practically had no power left, and Riful doesn’t kill any of the Claymores – she says she doesn’t want to do it (and the day is saved! Thanks to…Riful’s playfulness? Riful’s strategy? Riful’s purpose for these Claymores?) so I guess that’s that. Not exactly lucky since the “demon goddess” has already said that she has no intention of killing.

The outcome of the battles against Riful and her minions gives me a sour and somewhat bitter taste in my mouth. It sure gives Clare a very bitter taste in hers. For the same reason I feel frustrated – these opponents are practically gods! They’re too strong!

After Riful leaves, Galatea flatly tells Clare that she’s taking Clare back to the Organization. Clare refuses, and Jean shows her noble character by standing in front of Clare and blocking Galatea. Galatea is pretty cool, too. She simply decides to go back and report that Jean and Clare are dead. That does one important thing, however, which is that now these two are officially out of the organization and cannot go back for help or resources even if they ever have desperate needs, and also, next time Galatea sees them, she’ll have to kill them.

This ep really shows me the shining merits of Claymore. Everything is so well developed and behind our main character’s quest there is clearly a much larger picture. I’m looking forward to the Northern Campaign.


98% recommended for your daily anime diet.

(For part 1 of the review click here.)

Claymore 17 review PART 1 – The roles and the hearts of female warriors.


It wouldn’t be the first time I was blown away by this show, but this time, it shows even more merits to lift itself above regular shonen anime – save a couple very minor things.

Clare has to be one of the most versatile “shonen” characters in the shonen genre. It’s not rare that the protagonist learns a special technique, and sometimes learn it on the spot, it is special when that special technique isn’t used directly against the opponents, but for aiding a comrade. In this case, the comrade is Jean, who gets into a big, seemingly impossible trouble.

What is Clare to do? Well, in the earlier ep she fought so hard to the point that she went past her limit of self-control and she had to use more yoki/demon power/powering up, and she had trouble turning herself back to human, but Galatea helped her back to turn back. Clare had received help before, from someone without any yoki powers – Raki helped her when she was going to become demon for the first time. This time, Galatea helps her by using yoki to somehow contain Clare’s yoki (inner demon, if I may use that term) from completely taking over.

When Clare heads to the basement, the thing she doesn’t want to see happens. Jean turns into a huge butterfly creature (something a Japanese goth fashion teenager or artist probably wouldn’t be too surprised to see). It seems to me that the more power an Awakened has the bigger it is. The first Awakened male we saw was a decent size; Ophelia was pretty big, Duff is freaky huge and very tall; for Jean, her body becomes about a head and half taller than Clare, and she has huge wing-like ligaments on her back. That probably means she’s pretty powerful as an Awakened.


In any case, Clare helps Jean back to what she was, even though Jean wants to give up. The reason Clare can help someone else turn back is because she learns a technique from Galatea. Again, usually in shonen shows when the protagonist – the man, learns a special technique, it is used to strike the enemy or power up himself. Two classic examples would be the special power up technique that Goku learns when he travels to Kai’s domain, and Yusuke receiving Genkai’s power ball (or whatever it’s called). Both power ups are used to strength the self and to attack opponents. But very rarely we see the protagonist learns something to help out comrades. However, it’s probably not so rare to see a supporting character, most often a woman, learns a technique used for healing. But she often doesn’t learn it on the spot. Again for the men, they can learn it on the spot, or they solve/read the opponent’s attacks, after getting their asses kicked over and over again, the best example being Saint Seiya, where one super impossible strong opponent just kicks the crap out of Seiya over and over again with the same attack until Seiya finally gets pushed over his physical and mental limit, and/or reads the opponent’s attack. The reason Claymore is different is maybe because women dominate the show. Sure, Clare kind of learns the lighting/flashing sword on her own, but she really got the technique because Irene sacrifice her life for her.

Traditionally, women are seen as mostly supporting characters in shonen shows – shows like Berserk, Saint Seiya, DBZ, Yuyu Hakosho, even Gundam. At least in the anime world, they often fight alongside men and not just shoved to the side as mere cheerleaders. But when it comes to learning techniques, women still learn mostly healing/aiding/white magic techniques. Oh, there is one example that stands out glaringly at the sea of examples of white magic women – Lina Inverse learns the Gigaslave almost entirely on the spot; she knows enough about it just haven’t tried it before that. In any case, Clare learns the “white magic” on the spot, even though she’s an attacker-based Claymore. That kind of makes her a Paladin, doesn’t it?

Jean is saved. Thanks to Clare, Galatea, and perhaps, indirectly Raki, who held Clare back from completely going over to the “dark side (hahaha…a way overused term).” What Jean does is very classic knightly and Samurai-like behavior. She sees her life as forfeit and is given to Clare for whatever use Clare wants. Here, I’ll go into the traditional Japanese warrior mindset a little bit from what I’ve learned. Perhaps the same mindset holds true for traditional knighthood in Europe as well.


The classic Japanese warrior mindset seems to be this, follow any and all the orders the organization you belong to gives to you, because they take care of you. You shall not question any orders even if they’re unreasonable. To put this in today’s terms: just obey what the government/company executives/teachers say and do. I put this in today’s terms because that mentality still holds mostly if not completely true even for many people in today’s Japan, save one group – the students in Japan are increasingly being less mindlessly obedient and increasingly being more vocal and have their own opinions. Unfortunately once they become part of the societal machine, they choose to lose that ability for the sake of making a living in such a society as Japan. In any event, that’s what Jean seems to follow before she changes into an Awakened, and then gets pull back from turning into a complete monster by Clare. To Jean’s credit, when Clare discovers her, Jean is still in control of her mind. Even though her body has changed, her mind remains strong enough for some time. Clare sees the possibility of bringing her back from going off the deep end and she is then able to bring her back.

When that happens, Jean changes her loyalty from toward the Organization (I’ve noticed that this “organization” doesn’t have a name – I wonder if this is a subtle hint about governments and big corporate organizations in general) to toward Clare. But rather than just, what we assume, mindless or voiceless obedience to an almost faceless organization (save the men that hand out orders, who half hide their faces), this time, Jean knows exactly who she wants to give her life to – the comrade who saves her life. In the classic warrior’s mind, the person who saves your life owns it, and you’re supposed to do whatever the person asks of you, no questions asked.

Classic values still touch my heart. I deem that Jean has noble characters and I would love to see more of her in action alongside Clare. Also, Jean is voiced by Mitsuishi Kotono, who voiced Captain Ramius from Gundam Seed, Misato from Eva, and Usagi/Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon series. These characters are all strong and all become noble characters by the end of each series.


Being probably wary of blind obedience, and having the strong desire to live her own way and do what she thinks as right – she learned that from Teresa – Clare tells Jean grimly that Jean should live her life and not forfeit it so easily. Here, I also commend Clare for giving freedom to a comrade and not just using this opportunity to gain the comrade’s life and services.

(See the next post for part 2!)

Sub or Dub? A fiery exchange has forged my part 2 on this issue.

Here are some heated xchanges (of verbal blows, perhaps we can categorize them this way) among some folks at MAL, including me (I don’t know if any copyright issues are involved. So sue me) (it’s about a dub voice over, specifically Wendy Lee, who’s going to sing in English for “God knows” and “Lost my music”):

ani: Yeah and did you know that they are going to sing the songs “God Knows” and “Lost My Music” is english in the dub. At least that’s what ANN states.

rayyhum777: Man that sucks. Can these dub people sing?

Asrialys: Why would they dub it if they can’t? And just because you don’t like dubs doesn’t mean they can’t sing or do anything correct.

rayyhum777: And just because you like dubs a lot doesn’t mean they do a decent or even wonderful job consistently. Or do you have facts and evidence to back you up that they can sing and voice act as well as their Japanese counter parts? I can go online and find endless pages and comments from people from many different places that’ll prove a lot of the people they find for dubbing are not very good, and there are tons of evidence and facts that their Japanese counterparts do – just look at the popularity of Japanese voice actors at any convention – NOT JUST the US conventions. Also, it’s a fact the Japanese voice acting industry takes its job very seriously. Every year, there are over 10,000 of people try to get in, but less than a couple hundred ever get in. And no, don’t tell me about their counter parts in US have to audition for hundreds of hundreds of ACTING JOBS and perhaps a couple of US animation jobs – just the fact that their focus isn’t on the voice acting shows how little they prepare for it. Anyway, also a lot of times they don’t even get to watch the whole thing and dub. They get a few sheets and have to try to act it out.

On a not so emotional side (I only respond emotional outbursts in kind), I really liked the American dub actor who did Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing& Endless Waltz) – he was way better than the Japanese counterpart to portray Duo.

Anyway , I’m not the only one who has some complains. If you’re so sure that they can sing, give me a link where I can hear their songs or suggest an album or anything. Because, I can find albums for Japanese voice overs, but I can’t find the dubbers albums anywhere.

Otakuhatsu: right on brother

Pvt_Donut : The dubs are fine just leave it at that there is no problem with them doing it and frankly I don’t see any wrong in it either. This was mainly about the Haruhi dubs not dubs over all so don’t even mention something off topic, if they guy sticks up for the dubs then you don’t need to go out on some emotional outburst yourself, I’m undecided on whether I would prefer dubs over subs or vise-versa but to me its no question subs just give it a feeling that dubs just cant. But if i had to choose one I’d rather watch the dubs since I can look away for a second and not miss any thing

rayyhum777: Whatever. Tell that other guy that he’s off topic first. Like I said, somebody does a good job on dubbing and these dubbers don’t get enough resources to do their job, so technically it’s not their fault. But just because you happen to love dub doesn’t mean you have to pick on me first without telling the other guy first that he’s off topic. It’s not like you’re so fair – you’re obviously closer to be on his side. It isn’t like I just went out and said something without being challenged. He doesn’t know me and didn’t read me correctly and neither did you. Go ahead, have the last word. I’m sure you’re both good folks, and I appreciate your comments, and I have heard what he said. But I’m done with this topic.

Otakuhatsu: Personally I’m all about dubs for all foreign film
I watch crouching tiger hidden dragon on Chinese
I watch my anime in Japanese
the original language is always better because the story and the words that make up that story are based on that culture
another language can’t compare

Now, I’m not going to say that I was completely fair, and I’ve realized that maybe that Asrialys’s had enough of people talking trash about English dubbers. But since he challenged me and lashed out on me, and not on anyone else, I wasn’t going to let him off easy. I’ve stated my view (I’m rayyhum777) very clearly, and people who seem to like dubs a lot tried to express theirs (I didn’t leave out anything except comments made by others before the heated exchange took place. To see how the whole thing started go here: http://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=79 , go back maybe just a little bit if necessary – don’t worry, no other posts are as long as what I’ve typed. =P

I hear the same problem with dubbing in Taiwan as well as what I heard back in States – there simply isn’t an established industry for dubbing in both countries like in Japan, and the voice overs in either countries don’t know how to voice act as hard as the Japanese voice overs do. The Japanese voice actors are so devoted to their jobs that they become the characters they play sometimes even long after the shows are over. As for the English dub actors, not only they often don’t get enough prep time (which is unfair), but voice-acting isn’t even their main focus anyway.

What do you think? And if you like dubbing but also find it not satisfactory sometimes, is there anything that can be done about it? Or if you have a counter argument against us hard-core sub watchers, please enlighten me. I want the American dub industry to be as good and perhaps one day, better than the Japanese industry. Will that ever be possible?

If you find the issue tiring you’re welcome to just look away.

They Need to Make Animes Out of This Material

Earthquake Sets Japan Back To 2147

The Onion

Earthquake Sets Japan Back To 2147

TOKYO —”Our society [is] temporarily reverting to a pre-cyberunification era,” said prime minister Shinzo Abe, speaking non-telekinetically for the first time.

The best parts include the “Procross Buster Quasigravitic Lensing Frame,” the “Asahi Ultima Crisis,” and “Trinity Flow,” the harmonic frequency that connects everyone cybernetically. Cheeseball anime and manga writers couldn’t have said it better.

Studios, start your pens! And now, for me, back to reading more theology.

El Cazador 17 – Nadi, skilled or lucky? A filler ep for us.


So far I have trouble determining if Nadi is a good gunfighter/bounty hunter, or if she’s just plain lucky.

In the previous ep, we see that Nadi often misses the heat of the action – she sometimes trips and falls, gets knocked out by insignificant opponents like the gay partners (who?), gets tangled up in a tapestry, misses her shots completely, and other goofy things.

I know it’s unfair to compare her with Mireille, Kirika (definitely unfair), or Madlax (who’s like invincible), but I mean, I don’t know. I’m still stuck on the theme of the trilogy. Silly me.

In this ep, while she tries to hunt for a bounty-hunting target (finally! No more not-sexy taco waitress uniforms!) she slipped and fell, and thus avoiding that bullet to the head.

Gosh damned lucky, if I may say so. Too lucky. It’s almost like the creator of the show doesn’t want the viewers to have to feel bad about her being hurt or even death (well, she can’t die now, she’s one half of the not-so-funny comedy duo! Aren’t we still waiting for more laughs?)

In any case, this ep is a filler. I mean, sure, we ONCE AGAIN learn that Elis cares about Nadi and vice-versa, but come on, we’ve been learning that this whole show. So, this ep doesn’t really add or subtract from that.


The plot of this ep is simple. It seems like Nadi finally listens to Elis, mine, and a great amount of viewers’ silent and perhaps vocal pleas (maybe on 2chan) and decides to go for a bounty hunting job. This time, she and Ricardo happen to pick the same target

It’s so obvious that hers and Ricardo’s fates are tangled together. We saw the develop of that back when they were at the hot springs place and we’ve been seeing that being developed almost the whole show.

Nothing major is going on here. We got to see that Jody, her short haired minion number one and Mireille-wanna-be-minion number two are still tracking Nadi and Elis’ actions. We saw that Rosenberg talks about waiting for “the prey” to come to him, and he’s rather snobby and confident that whatever he’s planning will work out just like what he planned.

Nadi does seem to have a brain. She analyzed about her target, and Elis says that she’s smart (to reinforce the idea that she’s smart on us? Who knows?). But in the previous episodes, she has said a lot of stupid stuff that just made me wonder about her. In the previous episodes, her clumsiness led her away from a lot of actions, but in this ep, it saves her. I’m just not satisfied with what happened.

All in all, a filler ep that doesn’t move the overall plot anywhere. I don’t feel like talking about LA and Elis, except that Elis takes some initiative and goes to stop LA from killing Nadi and Ricardo’s target. My question is why LA is even there in the first p lace and is trying to whack the target? What for? That’s never explained. It looks like to me that he’s just happens to be there to do the guy in. Bleh. Whatever.


70% recommended for your daily anime diet for a small amount of action and I guess accurate portrayal of South American daily life (the market scene and the rich neighborhood), but nothing else worth mentioning.

Warning! A groanful joke! You may groan so hard that you’ll never recover from it!

One day, Otaku A and Otaku B are watching hentai together.

Otaku A: I lost my zombie, did you see it?

Otaku B: What? What does it look like?

Otaku A (points down) : Well, You know a zombie is permanently stiff, right?

Otaku B: …


Advice: a couple of beers down and it will look a lot funnier(no it won’t)!

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