Chaos; Head 12 – You’re needed after all.

(Caution: you may find this cheesy and corny, so stay away if your mood is hyper cynical; you’ve been warned!)

So, yeah, he’s a loser, an Otaku and half hikkomori. Yes, this show is really a pat on Otaku’s backs that sure, you may save the world someday, with a lot of girls.
But you know, someone, inside this Demon King of Cynicism’s heart, something stirred…

How many times, do some of us wish we were dead? What does the world has to do with me anyway? It’s fucked, it’s fucked, it’s fucked. I’m powerless, I’m powerless, I’m powerless.

And I am. That’s the truth. But you know what? Someone out there cares for you. Among all the asses, jerks and dickheads that treat you like shit, despise you and rip you off, someone cares for you.

They sign when you fall into trouble; they secretly cry when you’re sad, but gives a smiling face and telling you it’s OK, when they’re in reality worried sick about you. They want you to live another day and fight on.

That’s what Rimi and the rest feel; no, Takumi must not lose. no, Takumi should stay behind and let me take care of it; No, Taku should rest.

But at some point of time, even a hikkomori must wake and stand up and face this world. Yes, there is evil in this world (ask the Jews that survived WWII, as well as the Muslims that survived things that we in the western world didn’t know), but as who we’re, it is our duty to reach out with our hands and take someone’s hands.

(yep, go ahead and start puking)

If Takumi died, would Takumi be saved?
No, it’d just delay the inevitable. There is a time for everything, after all. But the healthy Takumi can do something.
He can fight back lethargy in the mind with a delusion of strength. And it’s funny, because when you do that…

Someone out there in the great unknown answers

(yeah, yeah, laugh at me)

Oddly, you’ll find similar scenarios in that book. That book you were forced to read as a child, but largely forgotten after you grew up.

And if this post has no point, that’s fine; because at least if you read this far, you may have realized that someone out there cares for you and need you to be around;

Even if this anime and the game behind it are really kiss-ups to Otaku who do not do much but sit at home during their free time and play H-Games all day.

I really don’t have anything intellectual to say, but it’s just how I feel. Each and everyone of us has some power, and who knows? The tiny little thing you did the other day, may help many lives or at least, saves one.

And yeah, sorry for this corny post. But at least pat yourselves on your backs, because hey, if you read this far, you probably did some good somewhere that you just forgotten…

Moving on…

Author: Ray

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