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Bakemonogatari 11 – I’m in Despair!

Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! I’m in despair! I’m in despair that this show is finally admitting of being a harem show!

Oh boy, Segoku’s the appearance in this episode really doesn’t serve any purpose at all. I mean, if you think it does then please tell me, but the way I see it, Sengoku Nadeko shows up to be a loli moe service blob and Araragi just acts out (almost) the desire that all Japanese school girl lovers need to express. Oh and don’t forget, Shinobu or whatever her real name is, stares at Senjogahara and Sengoku with jealous eyes but gazes at Araragi and Oshino with loving eyes!

Like a good young, innocent harem girl, Nadeko simply doesn’t seem to understand how close she is to be raeped by him.

Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! I’m in despair! I’m in despair because the most interesting character isn’t showing up again!

Um…Senjogahara has to be the most interesting character in this show with her charming wit, whether you’re FASCINATED with her or not (I’m OK), but she isn’t here again. I think her seiyuu, Saito Chiwa, is sick and can perform. Unless the story calls SJgR to be absent and then come back to question all Araragi’s acts shared with all the other girls or calls her to act like Akari from To Heart one anime, I think something smells like cat’s poo here.

So. I was wrong about Tsubasa’s vast knowledge has something to do with a monster. We see a more serious problem – a problem that doesn’t seem to make sense at all to me – that her mom’s new husband and her dad’s new wife are her parents now. If that isn’t bad enough, they’re Japanese people in the harsh society they’re in. Or to put it precisely, the weight falls squarely on Tsubasa’s shoulders. She’s a child with potentially “problematic” family and God knows how many jeers and snickers she has heard from others? But she was inspired to be an excellent student and she probably worked her ass off while enduring stress from all directions.

However, the issue lies deep within her family. One smack on the face may be the indication that there has been many more abuses; or it may not. It is anime so take everything with a grain of salt. FYI, parents in Asia used to exert more physical punishments on their kids, at least in Taiwan, and most kids grew up OK. But in any case…

Hanekawa Tsubasa’s story happened before Senjogahara’s story, and you know, not too much unlike a certain murderous anime romance story, Tsubasa has been doing all she can to help Araragi and Senjogahara to be together and stay together. But as this is a harem show at the core – serious themes or not (harem shows can have very serious themes), you know that she likes Ararararagi’s too.

Her stressed had already exploded during Golden Week. But her headaches haven’t gone away.

Enjoy Hoc-chan’s performance, please.

Because there are so many cats, is it possible that the Cat monster hasn’t gone away for good?

Is this a real disease in her head?

Additional notes: imitating Gainax, this episode has some parts that purposely avoided having to animate character’s lips and other delicate parts. And because it’s imitating Gainax, some of those shots seem to be make sense but for any Evatard out there, as soon as you see those shots/scenes, you’ll begin to wonder.

Play your own version of the music when the hero getting the important item in a game like Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc during the scene where Araragi Koyomi gets the bloomer and Japanese school girl swimsuit for maximum fun~oh and if you have some girls’ intimate wear, please sniff and play with them for maximum humor!

Also, why explain in large texts that a flashback is a flashback? Are we stupid? No. As they say in writing, Show, don’t tell. Flashing texts and all just gets really annoying after a while. What the hell is the point? Because of the last episode, I have been in despair and I can’t trust them at all!

This is what I would love to see – all the bakemono fights over Arararararanenenenennyanyanyanyanonononononunununununyonyonyonyonyonenenenenegi Koyomi in a bakemono-death match in oil and jello! AWESOME! Get sumu get sumu get sumu!

Ghost Hound ep1 – ghost out of a shell.


I’m going to say this straight up. I wasn’t impressed by this episode much and I felt bored from time to time, however, that doesn’t mean this episode was awfully boring with low production values, it just means that I wasn’t into it.

So far, there aren’t any philosophical elements introduced, only tiny hints and pieces plus that bigger piece hinting about some philosophical view during the preview for the next episode. What this episode does is it lays the ground work for whatever will come later.

I do realize not every show can be terribly exciting from the beginning, but I have to be fair – this episode didn’t grab me. I watched it twice, but I’d fall asleep if I were to watch it a 3rd time. Maybe I’m just getting more mainstream or just getting older, but philosophical shows aren’t terribly exciting to me. I wasn’t impressed by Eva or Lain and they meant nothing to me until Mike explained their true meanings.

We learn 3 major things in this episode: 1. Komori and his sister were abducted 11 years ago. He survived but his sister…died, I guess, and his family is still pretty traumatized till this day. 2. He has the ability to dream about out of body experiences, which I suspect are real – that his “ghost” really gets out of his “shell”. 3. His experience is connected to something major that’ll happen later.

Deconstructing these points apart, and I got these conclusions: 1. His “out f body experiences” is very similar to Kusaragi’s “Dive” experiences, except instead of electrical information, he gets images (real time?). 2. There was a rather special reason that he and his sister were kidnapped, and fast forward to today, the transfer student apparently know a lot about it and he’s poking his nose into the lives of the people related to this event. 3. His sister knew something and tried to tell him but he forgot what it was.

The 3 pretty boys, Komori, Ogami, and Nakajima will obviously come together and solve this mysterious connection between the kidnap, the out of body experience, oh and the ghost seeing girl ‘s (Miyako’s) ability.

Overall, the sound effects and the background tunes  gives off a strong sense of “Lain”. The animation is superb (did you see that fly??? Damn it’s super detailed!) and the sound effects give that creepy “Lain” feel. But, because I’ve had many interesting dreams in real life in real life (full) colors that are way weird or more interesting than this, and I saw “Lain” and Boogipop Phantom before I saw this, I wasn’t impressed much. At the end of the day, I’d say,

82% recommended for your daily anime diet. Keep in mind that I’ve seen many things not just in the anime world, and “Out of body experience” may indeed be fascinating subject to many, but to me it’s actually nothing new. Great animation and fairly interesting concept is keeping this afloat, however.