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Porno Graffitti at AX 2013: Photo Gallery

We proudly present some terrific photos (by Shizuka) of the Porno Graffitti concert from Anime Expo 2013! This is the first of three articles about the band; next is the press conference transcript, and finally a full review of the show.

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Anime Expo 2010: Impressions Of A New World

So where does one even start? After what was likely the one time I most regretted not purchasing a full 4-day pass for Anime Expo…

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Anime Expo Day 0 (Press Junket) – Guest of Honor Slideshow

Note about the MELL video: the first version should be up in a couple of hours. There were some processing issues. These are the official…

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Tsundere Banana Special – Haruhi Calls!

[display_podcast] In this episode of Tsundere Banana, Ray discovers an event to promote the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Movie in L.A. on 5:30 PM on…

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