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Yui Horie wants Claymore Season 2?

A certain “Yui Horie 堀江 由衣signed “her” name for the Claymore Season 2 petition:

Fun stuff. Please sign the petitionInstruction is here.

Claymore manga and merchandise at Toylet, Claymore DVDs at Just Manga, At Amazon (with reviews), Collectables and Character Songs CD at CDJapan

Here‘s the signature from “Kaori Mizuhashi 水橋かおり/水橋香里” – Ogiue Chika from Genshiken manga and Genshiken Season 2 below.

I wish they’d use better nicknames. But anyway, we’re over the 10,000 mark. Let’s make 15,000 so they will know we are really serious!

Do you want to be the member of Genshiken?

From Anime Corporation News

Genshiken Doujin Convention Website

…The official website for the Genshiken Doujin Convention has opened. The Genshiken event commences on May 5th, 2008 at the Tokyo Industry Trade Center…

Ray’s take:  Well, this news really doesn’t have anything to do with Genshiken, but if you want to see Madarame doing ecchi with Kaskabe Saki, or Ono Kanako riding Tanaka until kingdom come, this is the place to be. For Ogiue (tsundere) fans, there probabaly will be plenty of Ogiue sexual displays there. If you love these and you do go, prepare to blow your wad…of cash there!