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Mokke ep 03 – things that only you can see.


With all the ills that go on everyday, maybe even currently in your life, maybe this world really isn’t so great after all.

Sometimes you just know it. Only you can see it and you know it’s real. But people would tell you it’s not.

You can see the problem within what seems perfectly normal, but you’re told by others that you’re just being pessimistic or negative.

You know there are ills inside you, something’s not quite right, but all your friends, your parents and/or siblings ever say is “get over it, grow up, don’t worry about it.” Even when you’re over 30.

In Japan, people may even tell you to accept it. In US, we tell people to move on.

No, I’m not talking self-help or therapy, but looking at this episode makes me reflect on things.

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Mike’s Fall 2007 Remainder Roundup

Between the three bloggers on this site, it looks like we’ve covered pretty much every major show except Shana 2 (none of us have seen season 1). This is my opinion on shows we’ve already covered: Blue Drop, Dragonaut, ef-a tale of memories, Gundam 00, Genshiken 2, and Mokke. You can read Ray’s articles in the links provided.

There’s a fine line between hate and yuri.

Blue Drop 1 (Ray’s Review of 1 and 2)

Now that’s more like it. If there was ever a show that was calculated to make me swallow yuri, it would be this one. :) It’s the only show this whole season that to me as any degree of genuine aesthetic beauty–beautiful music, beautiful imagery, emotional nuance (with one slight misstep in an unnecessary slapstick scene near the end in the cafeteria). It is slow, though, slow on the edge of boring, but given my tastes for European art film, I didn’t find it unbearable in the least. Mari is already an interesting character, though Senkouji, the alien girl, is still a rather blank personality so far (despite her sudden KILL ALL HUMANS activation program or something). The flowers were also a bit much, I think, a bit too shoujo-y for even my taste, and certainly all the hint we need that sometime soon there will be wink-wink-nudge-nudge-saynomore going on. Lovers always start by fighting. But I found the birds around Senkouji in the start to be rather beautiful. Gonzo did a good job animating that scene.

I am keeping a close eye on this one. I need some seriousness in my diet too, you know.

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Mokke episode 2 – I got bored and it got a little preachy…

…at the end.


A lot of shows suffers from the “great first episode, but flat second episode” syndrome. This one is no exception. Another thing I don’t like about the direction it takes in this episode – It tells the moral of the story flat out at the end. This is too much like a children’s tale.

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Mokke episode 1 – what demons do you face today?


No, it’s not a vastly impressive show that wows people or grabs them, shakes them, and then blow their senses away. But it’s effective, emotional and yet restrained, sad and yet hopeful. What seems weak can actually be strong.

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