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So I got on Japanese TV after all

This is all the cosplay you people are gonna get!

Remember that Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya event I was at a couple of weeks ago? Well, apparently the TV Tokyo/Cine-tsu segment that was being filmed for it has now gone live, and the friendly folks at 2ch (via Cartoon Leap) have posted some screenshots…which, uh, include yours truly up there. It’s kinda weird to see yourself surrounded by Japanese text, which I can’t read, but flattering too. I guess it’s official now: to the otaku watching the segment, I am the gaijin fanboy in the Kyon suit.

Some more pics here:

In other news: I should probably lose weight.

UPDATE: guess what? There’s video after all! My bit, which is very short, is around 3:01. You can also see me, iPhone in hand on the far right, around 3:16 or so.

Thanks again to ultimatemegax from Cartoon Leap for bringing these photos, and the video, to my attention.

Ikari “Mike” Gendo Siskel on IMDB


Well, well, now our very own Mike is standing on equal status with heavy-weight movie critics like Ebert–just not as heavy.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0876563/externalreviews, Anime Diet is ranked 6th!

Here’s the actual review:


Congratulation to us!

Disclaimer: This ranking stands solid as of August 14, 2009 at 9:22 pm Pacific Time.

Another Standalone NICEBOAT Complex.

From ANN

Station Cites Principal’s Arrest for Pulling Nymphet 

The TV Saitama station in Japan has explained in a statement on October 11 that it suspended its broadcast of the controversial Kodomo no Jikan (Nymphet) television anime series “out of consideration for the community in light of the [alleged] solicitation of children by an elementary school vice-principal in Sapporo and other incidents.”

Ray’s take: first, please read the rest of the news by going to ANN, second, depending on what you are, either start feeling disgusted or start planning your very own “kodomo no jikan…”

Wow. I…Should I even be surprised…at how much the vice principal made??? I’ve always suspected that many principals are loli-cons, but this man’s got some business sense!

Seriously, only if he had used his business sense on running a better school somehow or used his brain for something more constructive instead of exploiting children (ugh)…Oh well.

Damn, crimes sure happen to run quite rampant when anime is playing…Can we please get a Miko-san in the house?

Another day in cyber paradise.

From The Diet 3 Daily

October 11, 2007. While we weren’t starving in Japan and we really love our raisin brans, the cyber gods decided to attack our agency with messages telling us that we stole some articles from an individual (not from the Individual 7) identified as “rayyhum777”.

We were shocked and dismayed at the awesome destructive power of the cyber gods when we looked at our front page. Realizing that potentially, every visitor who comes to our site would think that we regularly go out and steal other creators’ writings, graphics, and anime episodes, and that the cyber flame attack by the Cyber Godzilla would be unbearable, Mike decided to get into his Eva Unit X2.

It was a dangerous decision, and the rest of us (Jeremy, Fred, and Ray) begged him not to do it, and Ray even went out around 3 AM in the morning to search for Rei A. But she was nowhere to be found.

Fully knowing the danger of piloting the untested Eva X2, Mike decided to risk his live and he got into the unit.

It seems like the attack has stopped and the latest tactical data indicates that Eva Unit X2 had actually gone “Giga Berserk.”

Now we fear for the safety of cyber gods and we ask you for a moment of silence.