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Best/Worst Manga Panel Liveblog

Some prominent manga critics, including Deb Aoki, reveal their best/worst lists. The final liveblog for this year’s SDCC!

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JManga.com Panel Liveblog

JManga’s official panel and announcements at San Diego Comic Con.

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Kodansha Manga Panel Liveblog

Kodansha, the publishers of Sailor Moon manga, have a panel at San Diego Comic Con. Here’s a liveblog of the announcements.

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Capping AnimeNEXT 2012

This last weekend was AnimeNEXT’s 2012 convention. For the second year, I was able to represent at this regional convention with Anime Diet. There still…

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An Ill-Managed War

Zach Logan and Tsukento have some interesting points to make over at the One Piece podcast.  They claim manga now exists in a state of…

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Thoughts about Gate 7

Chikahito Takamoto is a normal high school student from Tokyo visiting his dream city of Kyoto. While visiting a site, he comes upon a battle…

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