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Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 02 – she needs to shut the fuck up

Don’t get me wrong, the show is inching its way to grow on me. Kind of.

Also, I really like Kuroko from Railgun. I really do. Nothing beats a girl who’s trying to get some good yuri lovin’ from another and being super aggressive about it.

But she needs to shut the fuck up and stop explaining everything and telling us everything as we if were idiots and can’t see stuff for ourselves. What, is this supposed to be funny listening to her sarcastic tone?

I had enough in episode 1, but in episode 2, it became super distracting. All I was saying to myself was “shut the fuck up, you’re ruining a decent story by interjecting way too much. You’re not the commentator soundtrack, so shut the motherfucking hell up!”

Again, I like her as Kuroko in Railgun, but she needs to stay out of this show or otherwise, I’d be super distracted. Her commentary isn’t witty enough or sharp enough as it is and being constantly harped on doesn’t turn me on.

So the romance continues and Okami doesn’t break down in dere-dere mode enough. There’s a villian behind everything. We got it. We can see it with our own eyes.

So shut the fuck up and go act for Railgun 3rd season when it comes out.

The show is fine but the commentary track’s gotta go.

P.S. Fine. It’s somehow supposed to be a “fairytale” setting and humor but it gets really grating on my nerves.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun01 – refreshing!

I read two volumes of the manga beforehand and while the manga was interesting, they did not impress me that much. In addition, there were no fan service, or the level did not pass my checkpoint. However, the anime is quite different.

The manga stresses or highlights the fact that people without abilities really can’t do much in such an environment – a city full of students with magical abilities or abilities of different kinds, whether all of the abilities are magical or not are really not the real story. However, as some people do not have any abilities at all, they are often picked on or rejected. Whenever there is a crime, they often just stand by and do nothing. It’s all up to our super powerful half of the heroines – Shirai Kuroko, and her crush – Misaka Mikoto – to save the day.

The anime starts out quite different. First of all, the number of heroines is increased to four, with the addition of the girl with flowers on her head, Uihara Kazaki, and Saten Ruiko, who has no powers. Those two appear in the manga, but in my impression, they’re not really part of “the team” of heroines. They’re more like main sidekicks, or at least, Ruiko seems that way; as a matter of fact, something happens to her in the manga by volume two and takes her “off” the “team”. But in the anime, the one without power steps up and plays an important part in helping to deal with the first major crime, which is shown in both the manga and anime. Her involvement is significant that the feeling of the overall tone changes a great deal from the manga. In short, you may not have superhuman power, but you can sure do something to help.

With good animation backing everything up, this show is a surprise for me.

Additional notes: in the beginning of the manga, Misaka Mikoto starts her fight with the male protagonist within the few 20 pages or so; in the anime, he’s not even in the first episode.

And, the fan service is still an epic fail according to my standards due to the lack of showing the actual goodies.