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Hulu Hoop – 2nd Rotation – Ghost Hunt


‘Twas a dark and stormy night.  The room felt vaguely humid as I sat upon my chair pondering and clawing at my hair, trying hopelessly to find a speckle of inspiration to fill the void of white paper trussed into my typewriter.  The clock on the wall chimed three times shattering the stagnant silence that had been festering in the room.  I cursed under my breath when came a knock, three times, at the door…   “Who is it?” I called out in vague annoyance.  No answer.  I picked myself up trying to put aside frustration and answered the door.  There was nothing behind it, only air…

Oooooooooooo, spooky spooky…


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Review: Hatsukoi Limited (78%)


Animation: 85%
Sound/Music: 75%
Voice Acting: 80%
Story: 75%
Overall: 78%

See explanation of scores here.

Hatsukoi Limited is a best-of-breed shounen fanservice comedy, with enough emotional sincerity and empathy to make it better than the average show of its type. This is no surprise, of course, from the staff that gave us the fine track record of Honey and Clover, Kimikiss Pure Rouge, and Nodame Cantabile. They seem to have a handle on making even mundane and archetypal characters seem heartfelt and sincere.

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