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Looking back at Home Made Kazoku’s Otakon Concert

How many Anime Diet readers are HOME MADE 家族 fans? I realize that it has been a while, but after clearing through some of my…

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Anime Diet’s Hidden Gems – Reviews, Discussions and More

Anime Diet Presents: Best Kept Secret of Anime Diet’s archive, part 1. Looking for previously unread articles? Then our 10+ hours of work combing through…

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Ringtone for this week: Haruhi’s “out of this world” self intro!

[display_podcast] Well, isn’t is this a great way to show your class and your family and friends that you cannot be more Otaku-like even if…

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Wow, Somebody got sloppy using the Death Note..

From ANN – Notes near Body Parts in Belgium Linked to Death Note La Dernière Heure, a French daily newspaper in Belgium similar to United…

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