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Iron Man Anime 03 review and thoughts

Am I impressed? Well, any anime would has a hard time impressing a veteran. Am I quite satisfied and oddly inspired?

Yeah, I’m, actually. Going back to the basics is really daring and impressive in today’s age.

Look, I didn’t expect to even bother with this show. I mean, I’ve never read the original manga comic and I didn’t even finish the first movie! But you know, there’s something cool about a rich geek dude who realizes that he actually hates evil and rather do good that impresses me a lot. Not to mention he actually gets to forge metal! The dude may be rich, but he’s quite down to earth and he’s not a bankster, or one of these unrealistic millennials who think that internet can change everything (what a bunch of dweebs).

Tony Stark is almost a revolutionary in today’s age. He’s rich. He sold weapons of mass destruction for a living. But he realized that it was fucking wrong and he changed his ways. Imagine FUCKING REPUBLICANS and some FUCKING DEMOCRATS do that. Fuck no. But for Tony Stark, fuck yes. That’s in my inifinitely not even remotely humble opinion, awesome.

Now, has the anime channelled the spirit of the character from Marvel?

Well…I don’t give a fuck about American Hollywood franchises, so what do I care? The anime is actually cool! It gets down to the basics, no bullshit, no unrealistic crap.

I was cheering for the anime Tony Stark when he has to use some elbow greese to help the mom and the kid. Forget the suit – it’s in repairs. I was rooting for him to save them from the bus sinking in the sea. HELL YEAH!

The show’s got simple drama, it has simple plots and it’s got simple and identifiable characters. No Eva BS, no tree hugging hippies, no lying POLITIANS (who the fuck elected these whores) and no bullshit. Jesus flying Christ, what else can an animation fan ask for?

No apologies from me and no bullshit. I heartily recommend this show…

For now. I do. For now.

Let’s hope they don’t fuck it up good. The episodic nature can become rather tedious. We’ll see.

Iron Man Anime Panel Premiere Liveblog

8:04 PM – we are in front row. I’m going to have great pictures up on this article soon. Panel has not yet started.

8:07 PM – today’s presenters (according to the signs up front): Kristin Adams and John Rieber from G4. Jeph Loeb from Marvel. Masao Maruyama from Madhouse.

8;16 PM – Jeff Loeb, head of Marvel TV, is up now.

8:19 PM – The stuff will be shown on G4. Subtitled in Japanese with English. They’re about to start showing it.

8:45 PM – We just finished airing. Kristin Adams is introducing the other panelists.

8:47 PM – Jeph Loeb of Marvel: they believed that bringing in Madhouse was much better than doing it on their own. “Japan for Japan.” There is a different storyline apart from the standard canon.

8:48 PM – Wolverine is the next Marvel property to be anime, then the X-Men. Then, Blade.

8:49 PM – they’re showing the character designs for the Iron Man anime designs. And now Wolverine.

8:51 PM – Maruyama on translating Western comics into Japanese style.

9:01 PM – all Marvel anime will be subbed.

Iron Man Anime Episode 1 Review

We were at the panel that premiereed the Iron Man Anime, the colloration effort between Marvel and Madhouse. Having not seen the Iron Man movie nor having not read the comic, I have limited interest in the franchise. That said, I’ll begin with the plot and the review. Those who want to be surprised, don’t read the plot part. Also see Anime News Network’s review, written by Todd Ciolek.

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