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Bridging The Gap: Pre-Con Thoughts 2011

  The second hand is growing louder, and fellow fans from all over are prepping for another go-round of that hallowed ritual that is Anime…

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Hatsune Miku’s US Debut inside TinierMe

From the Anime Diet News Desk—Tuesday, July 20, 2010 (Editor’s Note: the Press Release and pictures have been updated) Today, Hatsune Miku, the Japanese Volcaloid…

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Don’t you know Sci-Fi often predicts the future?

From Ascii.jp via ANN – Robot Sings, Youtube Piano – seeing music of the future at CEATEC Through iPhone application Request, one can make HRP-4C…

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Anime Diet Radio Episode 40 – Satisfaction Guaranteed [Possibly NSFW]

[display_podcast] That’s right. Anime Diet Radio celebrates its 40th episode with…something to help along that midlife, or quarterlife, crisis–at least for some otaku. Let’s just…

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