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Through Older Lenses: The Malleability Of Dieting

Been quite busy these last few months, and while in the office, I tend to listen to co-workers dish out what they enjoy via their…

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The Anno Age: Hideaki Anno and My Early Fandom (Part 1)

I: Insufficient Depression The problem with Hideaki Anno these days is that he seems too happy. At least that’s the impression one gets from reading…

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AD Top 10 List #2: Top ELEVEN Fan Service Shows

Time for another Anime Diet Top Ten ELEVEN List! Because 11 is one louder than 10.

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The Anime Diet State of the Union Address

The Anime Diet State of the Union Address – By Ray Hu, representing all for this moment in time. February 26, 2010 My fellow Otakus:…

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What do you think is going to power Gundam Fight?

Steam? Don’t make me laugh. See the graph/illustration below from gigazine.jp – Japan: 9650. Don’t you get it? Then go see Gundam V. If Japan…

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