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B Gata H Kei 11 – My heart has been stolen

I actually waited for almost two weeks before I began writing this. I know for a fact that I need to review this episode one more time before I can say anything about it. But upon a second watch, my laughter did not wane and my enthusiasm stayed strong.

My God, my God, where can I find a girl like her? She may not be “Jessie’s Girl” but where can I find a woman like that?

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 5 – Hallellujah, it’s raining meta

Is the average Japanese Otaku in love with traps???!!! There are man-maid cafes in Akiba and now there is a dude that looks like a lady in Chinese dress in this show, what the hey?

What’s your breakfast for today? Akihisa had breadcrumbs this morning, thank you. This just goes to proove that there are starving kids in Japan, so eat it! Just eat it!

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Ladies VS Butlers 4 – FUNdamental Otaku Goodness

You know, it’s been such a long time to see pure fan service goodness without elements such as twisted plots, lame attempts for innovation, flashing pictures showing scenes at awkward angles (no I’m not talking about Eva) or any orchestral music reaching way too high (not even up a skirt) in attempts to achieve a sense of “better service show with a heart”. Maybe there were some other shows like such in the past few seasons, but few do everything so well and so successfully as this one.

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Review: Queen’s Blade s2 08 – really, it’s more worth than its looks.

I kept on noticing that the music actually puts a chill up my spine every time something dramatic happens (a nice pair of Sennheiser helps, of course). Although the animation broke down in a few places, but they sure crammed enough drama and plot into it.

As much as most people will utter: “It’s Queen’s Blade! Plots be damned!” In season two, plots do matter. After the last episode, where Shizuka poured her heart out in death and really made me shed a tear (wow, this show?), this episode is significantly less moving, of course.

The story about Airi and Lana is a little contrived and probably bases on anime character stereotype – after all, if somebody out there predicted that Airi would have a soft spot for a shota, then it’s not a real character trait but a standard anime character type. I mean because the show really didn’t show me any hint about Airi’s possible softside (yes, I must be relieved to see her soft side), I just couldn’t justify it being a legitimate character trait. I honestly thought she’d just walk away or suck his energy. There lies the problem with some of the characters.

There really wasn’t an in depth revelation to most of those characters and even for characters played by expert seiyuu like Rierie, who played Nix. I honestly wasn’t sure the exact character traits of her. The issue here is this: too many characters, too few episodes and too flashy (flashing, too) from time to time. Oddly, in S2, the amount of T&A is actually way down and I feel like it’s starting to make sense…well, like I said before, when female warriors fight for their lives, the last thing they care is becoming more and more naked.

Can’t say I was touched about Airi going away; can say that Lana has consistently showed balls (not literally, thank God). In this episode, he decides to help Ymir to better Reina’s sword. The main character finally gets that excalibur (I’m thinking about Artoria in Fate/Stay Night anime screaming: “excalibur!”).

Nanael…Oh Aya-chan, Aya-chan why must thou be playing annoying characters? Nanael was a sneaky chick but wasn’t that annoying because Aya-chan had a knack of playing her as not-so-annoying, but now she’s decayed into a big, fucking moron. In S1, she redeemed herself by fighting off the trio, in s2 she’s done nothing but being an idiot. Maybe that’s her character charm, but aside from the girly panties and nice melons, she’s done nothing redemptive so far.

I’d like to say “the plot thickens” but really, from here, it’s autopilot for me.

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We’re actually FEATURED?


It is with much pleasure and honor to mention that we are the Featured Blog of the Week on AnimeBlips. I would like to thank everyone on the staff for its hard work and…


Oh, oh…sorry about that guys. But I was having one of my writing academic-like crap moment.

Here’s the real story: I think it was a couple of weeks back, when Mike, our Fearless Dictator editor-in-chief (I’m often tempted to call him editor-in-chef because he can cook now) informed us that we were asked by Robyn74 from AnimeBlips to submit some answers to some questions. You can see them in the Featured Blog profile. Knowing not much about AnimeBlips (read: absolutely jacksquat), I kind of checked it out. But in any event, 4 out of 5 of our staff submitted some answers and I thought that was that.

I think it was Monday when our very own Third Child Mike said that we were featured and so he violently demanded gently asked us to put up something. “Anything, anything, please! You lazy %$@#$#$@#$ My good men!” Thus, I began pulling articles out of my ass a meticulous process of crafting fascinating comments on news, brilliant thoughts as well as colorful insights (some of which involve mentioning my tool, and no, you cannot find it in Mr. Anderson’s tool shed), all for the sake of getting the maximum readership during this oh-so-crucial week.

The point? Please vote for us here at the upper right hand corner next to the title Featured Blog of the Week: Anime Diet. As you can see, we got one vote. One VOTE! ONE vote? Yes, ONE VOTE! I mean, geez guys, and here I thought we have at least 50 readers and 50 podcast listeners! What is going on here, our little Otaku world?

Uh-oh, here he comes…I see him now…

Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! “Zetsuboshita (I’m in despair)! I’m in despair at Ray’s blatant marketing technique by linking to the Featured Blog of the Week: Anime Diet hyperlink 5 times in the same article!”

And yeah, that’s my story here folks. So vote or comment for us to show some support!

Kugimiya Rie sound ringtone

Remember this awesome video of a fan’s compilation of Kugimiya Rie sounds with music? I took the liberty of making it into a soothing and calming version; of course I didn’t do much of anything except enhancing the vocal and the bass a little (you may want to watch out for the bass), oh and the speed. So, if you think it’s all right, get it and I guess use as a ringtone? Actually, that’s probably the best place for it.

Listen to it in the car! Before you go to sleep! After you go to sleep! When you’re angry, when you’re sad, when you have a psychotic rage! Great especially in the traffic with volume turned all the way up!

DISCLAIMER: listening to this mp3 file may cause the following: sociopath tendencies, mental explosion, maniacal bouts of car rage, severe eardrum damage, uncontrollable shakes, ticks, Beavis and Butthead syndrome, and other possible side effects. Use only with great hate toward the other person. Extra bass boost or sound enhancement programs not encouraged. Use with dumbed-down players or your cell phone. Trials were not conducted with old radios, boom boxes and any other analog stereo systems available on the market. Therapeuticial consultations may be required before and or after use. Discretion is strongly advised. Anime Diet WILL NOT BE REPONSIBLE for any thing at all in existence.

Clinton and Obama Reconciled by Becoming Chibi, Caramelldansen

Now that the Democratic primary process is over and there is a clear winner, the divided party needs to get back together. And, as we know, the solution has always been becoming anime characters and dancing to a bright, chirpy, techno J-pop-sounding song. They even somehow got Clinton to wear a skirt rather than a pantsuit, which must have been some magic indeed. After this dance, we know the party will be united as one in peace-u, love-u and great justice.

Of course, if you really want a change in Washington, you need to vote for me! Obama may offer “change we can believe in,” but Ikari “Mike” Gendo offers change you will believe in–or else.

HT: Alafista. For actual anime examples of Caramelldansen, see Gundam 00, Clannad, Haruhi, and Code Geass. No actual political endorsement is implied. Except for me, of course.

Yaoi doujin artist arrested.

From The Diet 3 Daily

Sept 26, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Earlier today, the local police arrested Minami Takayama, a 35-year old unmarried women who’s been drawing yaoi vampire doujinshi for 15 years.

The police chief reported that the local branch of the “Shin Mobile Morality Squad” has been secretly tracking this woman’s underground sales of her work to girls and women ranging from 14 to 45; from middle school girls to middle-aged housewives.

“She has been secretly selling indecent materials of sexual activities depicting men on men, men on boys, boys on boys, men to boys, and boys to men,” said Chief Watanabe. “Her work would’ve been acceptable if she were selling them in certain conventions in Tokyo, but she insisted on breaking the rules and the social stigma and selling outside these conventions.

“We think her abnormal behavior has something to do with her 2-year study abroad in America.” Chief Watanabe added.

“Freedom of speech is good, but too much of it can be really bad.” Commented Ms. Yoshida, a local housewife. “Thank my ancestors I refused to deal with her when she came to my house asking me to buy a copy of a ‘new and innovative read’ for housewives. I just said no.

“And I would like to encourage all bored housewives to watch drama, date younger men online, and play with boys from your local middle and high schools. Trust me, it makes the life more interesting that way.”

Police found 10000+ copies of yaoi doujinshi work from at Takayama’s home. It’s reported that her room is full of posters showing male characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hellsing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kujibiki Unbalance, Prince of Tennis, and others.

She faces 5 years in prison with a stiff 450000 yen fine.

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