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Free! wasn’t an otome bullsh@t.


I wasn’t going to watch this show. I mean this was primarily catering to otome (young girls). Yes, young otaku girls, or if not otaku, then anime fan girls. I mean, from the PV, it’s already showing its cheesiness that girls would typically jump onto. Yeah, when I saw the PV, I was like, “My Gosh, that explains everything.” Continue reading Free! wasn’t an otome bullsh@t.

Free Food = Free Manga = Free Anime? Wha?!

What does free food has anything to do with free manga + free anime? Is Pizza Hut finally doing a campaign tied in to anime in the US? OH BOY!

Well, if you look at the first pic, you will realize this is about opinions on supporting the manga industry – don’t leave yet! There is free food! Or that’s being mentioned, at least!!! Also fan service pictures are posted through out the article!

After many years (yeah, 3 years) of thinking and probing (don’t go there) about the issue from every angle, which is encased in today’s cyberworld under the tyranny of the global Giga banker-controlled economy – think the Genom Megacorp in Bubblegum Crisis or the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner, I’ll give you my reflections. It’s not going to be a long article, trust me, because when you boil it down to basics, it ain’t that complex.

Continue reading Free Food = Free Manga = Free Anime? Wha?!

Finally Catching Up to Reality

From ANN

Shonen Jump Posts 1st Japanese Chapters of 22 Manga for Free

…Every listed title has three online chapters except for Medaka Box, Akababoshi, Anedoki—, Kagijin, and Wasshoi! Wajimania…English version of the same Shonen Jump website has… Viz Media‘s separate Shonen Jump website features online manga chapters from…

Ray’s Take: About time. It’s the zeigeist of try first in the media contents age, I mean like really being the zeigeist. They probably need it anyway because the amount of people reading manga in Japan has been steadily dropping.

Kugimiya Rie sound ringtone

Remember this awesome video of a fan’s compilation of Kugimiya Rie sounds with music? I took the liberty of making it into a soothing and calming version; of course I didn’t do much of anything except enhancing the vocal and the bass a little (you may want to watch out for the bass), oh and the speed. So, if you think it’s all right, get it and I guess use as a ringtone? Actually, that’s probably the best place for it.

Listen to it in the car! Before you go to sleep! After you go to sleep! When you’re angry, when you’re sad, when you have a psychotic rage! Great especially in the traffic with volume turned all the way up!

DISCLAIMER: listening to this mp3 file may cause the following: sociopath tendencies, mental explosion, maniacal bouts of car rage, severe eardrum damage, uncontrollable shakes, ticks, Beavis and Butthead syndrome, and other possible side effects. Use only with great hate toward the other person. Extra bass boost or sound enhancement programs not encouraged. Use with dumbed-down players or your cell phone. Trials were not conducted with old radios, boom boxes and any other analog stereo systems available on the market. Therapeuticial consultations may be required before and or after use. Discretion is strongly advised. Anime Diet WILL NOT BE REPONSIBLE for any thing at all in existence.