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Inside Mari: A Partial Review

Gendomike was enthralled by Shuzo Oshimi (The Flowers of Evil)’s latest ongoing manga, Inside Mari, which is more than it appears to be at first. Read on to see what he thinks of the story so far.

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12 Days of Christmas: The Ink Orgasm of Evil

One of the most bravura moments in anime in recent memory was from this year’s Flowers of Evil. Who knew black ink could be so sexy?

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Transcript: Hiroshi Nagahama (Aku no Hana director) Animazement Panel

Shizuka, our photographer, attended and recorded Hiroshi Nagahama’s fan panel at Animazement 2013. Nagahama directed Mushi-shi, Detroit Metal City and most recently Aku no Hana…

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Aku No Hana : An Assessment Of The Impulse

  And so with self-expulsion comes long-sought intention. Flirtation with the unfamiliar, and an attraction to all things id. What can be perceived as broken…

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