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“But To Be Chuunibyou Was Very Heaven!”: A Memoir of Art and Embarassment

Another reminisce of gendomike’s teenage years: those foolish, imagination-soaked days of late middle school and high school, when a king named Sareth Darva Arakin Tanera ruled Andor and started showing up online. Oh, and some parallels to the recent anime Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai.

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Psycho-Pass: Where Does Criminality Come From?

Why do people commit crimes? What makes people “good” to begin with, and are some people just born to be “bad”? The debate is as…

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Fall 2012 Anime Audio Preview

Ray and gendomike look over a chart of the new season on (virtual) tape. And propose a PSY anime while they’re at it.

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