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Another Yaoi Doujin Artist Arrested

This just in – July 10, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan – just a few minutes after 11:45 PM Japan time, the local police arrested Sakamoto Kazami, a local elementary school teacher who has been secretly drawing and selling “animal boys love” doujinshi for 3 years. The “Shin Mobile Morality Squad, which the Diet reported 2 years ago, has been tracking the activities of this woman for some time. They collaborated in the her arrest. According to police chief Yamada, this was a “victory against public immorality in the other direction.”

We at the Diet think he was referring to lolicon-art material for the first direction, as this police chief has been known for supporting the national effort to ban loli-hentai and loli-eroge.

“She did sell her work in Tokyo primarily, but then she decided that there should be some freedom for a close-knit society such as the one in Japan – she felt that we had to learn to allow people to express themselves as individuals, and thus she began selling her wares online and also distributing some of her work as well as others’ work over Winny.” Chief Yamada said. He refused to comment whether her 1-year study in US had any influence on her behavior.

Such arrests seem to be becoming more common in recent days as artists formerly enjoying their relative freedom in Tokyo as well as in their own backyard are becoming wearier of the actions of the local police and the Shin Mobile Morality Squad, as well as the politicians’ efforts to make Japan more “westerner friendly”.

It is our opinion at the Diet that further arrests for yaoi artists as well as loli-artists aren’t far off.

Please, says Ken Akamatsu, fantasize about my wife in a doujin…

From anime news eNet (China) –

Akamatsu’s has made  his wife into a 2D dounji

…doujinshi featuring the character Nana Hikari, in the spirit of Kanon Akamatsu, the wife of Ken Akamatsu, is now onsale in Toranoana stores in Japan…

…The doujinshi is all about his cute and pretty wife and includes 51 questions to his wife, Kanon’s “bento from the loving wife”, Kanon’s week, and a photojournal…

…The recent Akamatsu Ken’s manga has featured tentacles…

Ray’s take: …o_____O. Maybe he loves to share…cool things about his wonderful wife? Maybe he wants to parade her for all the lonely Otaku boys? Maybe he’s not worried about the Hitozuma fetish a lot of Japanese men have…Come on, what the fuck is it that prompted him to do this??? I wouldn’t share anything about her if I were her husband. Goddamn she’s cute!

AHHHHH!!!! (Lighting comes down from sky and strikes me). But God, I’m not the adulterer! I’m just the masterb…HIT HIM! HIT HIM! AHHHHHHHH!!! (Screams in agony) My God, my God, why have you struck me?