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Mike’s treasure cove full of his goodies…

NO, girls, not that kind of goodies. I’m talking about his old reviews, which were some of the best non-fiction pieces he had written. Click on a pic below:

honey1 vlcsnap-00174 vlcsnap-00005 byousoku0 renmei vlcsnap-14747889 vlcsnap-10677851

Enjoy and remember to leave comments for each if you haven’t already!

12 Days, 12 Moments: Day 4–The Cosmonaut, Down-to-Earth

Today’s moment is brought to you by the Anime Blogging Collective and Makoto Shinkai’s wonderful film anthology, Byousoku 5 Cm, which is perhaps the apotheosis of Shinkai’s work and themes and–hopefully–a turning point in his career. Each of the three films are filled with wonderful moments to highlight, often for sheer visual beauty as well as a perfection of atmosphere and emotional resonance, but the one that stood out to me for this series was this particular moment, at the end of the second film “Cosmonaut.” It is a hallmark of how far he has come as an artist and storyteller since his astounding self-produced debut as well as an emotionally redeeming moment.


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