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Bridging The Gap: Miyazaki Steps Down From Directing (Thank you..)

I promise to be brief. Personally speaking, the best one can wish for in regards to those who inspire and imbue us, is for them…

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Bridging The Gap(Literal Edition): TAF 2013’s BIG Early Announcements

  And so it turns out I come out of half-hibernation to reflect upon a pair of interesting announcements to come out of Day One…

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Bridging The Gap Special: Yamato 2199 Bursts With Grandeur & Promise

  This last weekend marked the 38th anniversary of the day Uchu Senkan Yamato launched onto Japanese TV screens, ushering in a new era for…

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2011: Everything Old Is New? (And Onward..)

So happy to see that around the time of my last post, a small group of new shows arrive with my notions well complimented. It…

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