High School of the Dead 1–HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME!


Go watch this show.

I am a total Zombie fan, and this show is amazing. From the very beginning the action grabs you in the bowels and rips them out.  Everyone needs to learn that in a zombie apocalypse, you have to destroy the head.  We learn how violent and disgusting that can be in the first few minutes of the show.

After a rip roaring beginning it slows down for bit to give some character development. Then the blood begins to flow again.

He feels guilty for looking at her boobs.

The reason I love zombies is that you can live if you do not do something stupid. Most of the students promptly show us how stupid they are by fleeing in a disorganized panic. They get eaten and become the first threats our heroes must face. There is a delicious plethora of people dying. We see friends betray each other, others breaking under the strain of it all, and students just getting killed in class. They have distilled the most powerful moments of a zombie movie and crammed them into a 30 minute show.

~They will be Best Friends Forever~

One thing that does not fit is the fan service. The extreme blood and boobs do not match very well. Being horny will get you dead. The female characters appear to be made of jelly, and Japan has some very loose rules with uniforms apparently.

Another thing I love about this show is the zombie type they used. They are the slow mindless drones that just kill. So a fast walk and being aware will get you out alive.

I wonder how they will do a how season of this but I am loving it. Also the sound track reminds me of 28 Days Later.   WATCH THIS SHOW.  Also keep watching after the ending credits.

Author: matt

13 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 1–HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME!

  1. “One thing that does not fit is the fan service. The extreme blood and boobs do not match very well. Being horny will get you dead. ”

    Isn’t that a horror cliche, though? The couple that sneaks away to make out generally dies (or has a close brush with death.)

    Also, I don’t even think it could be possible to make the show without fanservice, given how over-the-top the manga fanservice was.

  2. It is more enjoyable to watch a zombie get smashed then notice what kind of underwear a young women fighting a zombie is wearing. Normally in a horror movie the sex happens at a “safe” time and their death/dismemberment becomes punishment for naughty, naughty sex.

  3. Holy freaking moly – this is zombie done RIGHT!!! Omigosh, I did not see this level of quality coming. Yeah, I too wonder how they’re going to make a season of this. The first episode seemed like a good, short movie to me.
    Furthermore, the fanservice is something I can forgive because I was lovin’ every minute of it. 😛 This show is pure. Pure PANTSU AND VIOLENCE!
    Plus, I’d much rather they did it this way, than try to work in some “safe time” for the characters.
    The absolute zombie mayhem was awesome. And I’m only emphasizing that point again because I still can’t get over it.
    Yeah, “Go watch this show.” Srsly.

  4. Yup – it’s a good show – i enjoyed every aspect of it. I go with the gore and the action because the fanservice it’s pretty expired. Always the same thing. But the violent acts – not many shows depicted those as well as this one.

  5. Good internal struggle on Takashi’s part. However, fan service plus guro = the evil.

    1. Finally, the anime you’ve been waiting for, eh?
      Yes, it absolutely delivers on the zombie content!

  6. holy crap are you people kidding me? this is the most bland and uninteresting anime i have seen, its especially bad considering how awesome it COULD be.
    but the characters are all one dimensional the fan service is blatant and the story is mediocre. sorry this one should be relegated to “i will only watch it online for free” category.

    1. It’s definitely turning that way, with bland plots and the harem growing (which I personally appreciate). You could replace zombies with anything else and you’d still have the same thing. 😛

  7. @jake are u stupid this anime is awesome i don’t know what went through your mind but its something stupid

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