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White Album 2: final episode

Most shocking scene that we went, "ahhhhh!!!"
Most shocking scene that we otaku went, “gyaahhhhh!!!”

After all, White Album 2 the animation just ended. So, the anime only covered “introductory chapter” of the game. That’s just high school part. But it was very sad. School Days was really bad because Makoto was an @sshole. But White Album 2, at least, the main character dude has conscience, thank God that there’s no “nice boat.” And, college part of the game is kind of “crime and punishment,” which I should think they should animate as 2nd season! 

Ah, Setsuna is a domestic girl who can be a good wife. She is really gentle and tender, and she can cook very well. Setsuna’s cuteness (kawaii) is unmatched. She is someone that suits apron. Yes, I wanna marry her. On the other hand, Kazusa is independent, unique, very international, can speak French and German. But she struggles with English, which is quite surprising because I find English the easiest and simplest among European languages. Why aren’t other European languages as simple as English? Language should be as simple as possible, since its main purpose is to communicate. No wonder nobody speaks Latin anymore since it’s too complicated. Anyway, I don’t understand why Kazusa has problems with English while she masterfully speaks very complicated languages like French. Kazusa is a genius musician, she has won a lot of awards from piano concours. She also plays sax, guitar, and bass guitar too, such multi-instrumentalist like Stevie Wonder or David Bowie. And she is exquisitely attractive, straight long beautiful black hair. Yes, her coolness (kakkoii) is unmatched. But to me, I prefer Setsuna if I want to marry her, but for short-term exciting romance or one-night stand, Kazusa is better. But I hear majority are for Kazusa. Of course, she is unattainable = ideal.

Anyway, White Album 2, the anime just ended. Oh boy, that too famous airport scene, so aching! Ahh, Setsuna-chan… And that BGM, yes, “After All.” This is so beautiful, especially, the last chorus refrain, “Lalalala.” That cadenza or chord progression with lalala is really melancholic, totally winter love song!

Eb  Fm   Gm   Ab     Cm   Cm/Bb    Ab    Abm/Bb

Eb   Fm   Gm   Ab    Cm     CmM7    Cm7    F

Fm   Gm   Ab    Ab/B

This refrain even surpasses genius Paul McCartney’s Hey Jude’s refrain, nananana. The best way to end the song.

Ah, are they going to make 2nd season for White Album 2? That would be “closing chapter” of the game. There are going to have more characters, since they are going to college. There are going to be a loli JK, sexy older career woman, and irresponsible university classmate. It’s almost like Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood but Whilte Album 2 even surpasses Norwegian Wood

The main character dude is intelligent, class president, going to good university, and he is a man fit for work, very good at what he does. So yes, this guy is not a social inept loser or otaku or hikikomori like me being a fag-end of capitalism. So, I can’t really relate to this main character. I wish I was born smart, so I could go to a Japanese university. So, “closing chapter” would be my alternative universe, yes, 2D. Japanese college life I never experienced, especially romantic aspect! So, I can redo my life as a Japanese university student!

Yes, triangle love, that is totally a template of Kimagure Orange Road: Hikaru (Setsuna) and Madoka (Kazusa). Cute girl vs cool girl. Yes, like Lanka vs Sheryl, triangle love, Macross F. Nothing is more exciting than that! And that climatic airport scene, otaku went, “aahhhhhh!!!!”

White Album 2, the best romantic story I ever seen, so expecting for 2nd season!

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