Slayer Revolution ep03 – OK, well, different…

In that the annoying guy chasing after Lina et el isn’t a real idiot this time.

This plot having someone constantly come back every week to annoy the hell out of Lina has been done already. It was called Slayer Next (with the Zolleaster god worshiper girl) and Slayer Try (with the annoying fox guy and his partner).

I…just don’t think this is as funny any more. Blasphemous as that sounds. I mean, physical humor in anime doesn’t really amuse me as much as it used to.

That said. Gourry keeps on surprising me with his odd encounters and happenings. At least he’s not just a plain idiot any more.

He’s a jellyfish head. XD

I’ll tell ya, nothing’s changed from the original Slayer formula, but something isn’t tickling my fancy.

For the plot of this episode, I pretty much figured out “Chimera” right from the get go.

However, don’t forget that this show will probably give an excellent introduction to people watching anime for the first time, without watching the old Slayers.

I really like it when Lina kicks the inspect into the sky, and then for a reason, she takes off as well. A nice twist on the classic exaggerated power of punches and kicks.

So yeah, I wasn’t bored to death, but that’s because I’m a fan of Megumi-sama and then the rest. But being over 30, I can’t say I get as tickled as I did anymore.

Not unless the slapstick humor comes non-stop. That, I haven’t seen in this one.

Author: Ray

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2 thoughts on “Slayer Revolution ep03 – OK, well, different…

  1. I think it has to do with the storytelling this time around. In the first 3 seasons, we didn’t get any solid hits of an actual plot until around episodes 5-7 in a given arc. For REVOLUTION, we’re now actually LOOKING for a plot – something that Slayers never really did before.

    I think the mistake is that the ep-by-ep interactions aren’t what they used to be. If they would have had Lina and Gourry searching for a sword (hijinks included) and then they HAPPEN to hear of the Hikari-no-Ken being wielded by a ‘tiny creature’…I think that would have been a better narrative transition…*shrugs* But hey, they’re not gonna listen to someone like me so… XD

  2. @ Arakan7 “we’re now actually LOOKING for a plot – something that Slayers never really did before.”

    – that’s a great point. In fact, I think you’ve nailed what’s fundamentally different about this Slayers, that somebody (the inspector) who’s probably quite involved in the central plot is leading the crew to find it. Where in the previous shows, as you said, we don’t get any clue as to the actual plot until 5 to 7 episodes into the show.
    It’s less episodic for sure, but I suspect because of that, the random humor and interaction are not what they used to be, and those were the biggest selling points for me.

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