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Slayer Revolution ep 04 – Does anyone remeber Amelia being so annoying?

I remember she was much less of an obstruction. But now she’s definitely getting on my nerves.

Justice? Fuck that. Understanding? Fuck that. Protecting the forest (thus being an environmentalist) FUCK THAT.

In addition to an annoying magical animal that’s not in a bishojo anime (if it were a bishojo anime I can understand having one), now we have an annoying “defender of justice”.

I just realized it was funny back in the ’90s when she first started doing that, practically making fun of Sailor Moon-style series, but it’s 2008 and it has now become annoying to me.

To her credit, she gets the stupid animal with 2 huge fists working with her, but the result is the plot being dragged on further (yeah, yeah, I know, I know), and not enough exaggeration that we know and love happens.

Again, something isn’t quite working for me. I can see the writers trying to take everyone’s personality a few notches higher, but for some reason, that makes Amelia super annoying.

– Like, destroy the damned forest already (it’s not the real life hence fuck the environmental damage)!

– Like, let Zegadis stab that little critter already (I’m sure the writers can think of something to save it anyway)!

– Like, let Lina use Dragonslave and beat the crap outta team Amelia and criiter already (hey, I got sick of this plot already)!

However, more of the fun chaos ensues and the seiyuu do a great job as usual. It’s a decent addition to the Slayers legacy but somehow, it hasn’t been that fun in my book. Ganbatte! Megumi-sama tachi!

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