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Shugo Chara Episode 1 – ugh, too young and too sweet for my teeth.

I wish I could give a full length review of this, but my teeth have rotted as soon as I saw the first little genie/fairy/whatever strange little character hatched from the egg.

I mean, at least the protagonist isn’t your typical ditzy shojo anime heroine from the ’90s. She’s got a spunky attitude. But guess what? She’s pretends to be that way, and her clothing style, which the girls in the school hail as cool, is really because her mother buys strange clothing for her and her sister – what, she can’t decide for her own clothing style?

Then I realized that she’s only in elementary school, and I wonder why I bothered to watch this.

Oh, I didn’t know what the f^$# this was, because I saw its Chinese name and I was hoping for something closer to a parody.

Oh fuck, how goddamnned stupid could I get?

Just when I thought the concept couldn’t get any worse, the “Shin Morality Squad” from Kyoshiro appears.

They have ugly capes (at least the main girl realizes that), and they’re all bishojo and bishonen or rather, shouta and biyojo (for the latter reference see Gokujo Seitokai). Yeah right, I didn’t remember seeing anyone like that back in elementary school.

Then I remembered this is a show for kids.

Hashihime gave it a positive review, and you have to remember I’m critical and cynical (the worse combination for reviewing anything).

I’ll tell you what, though. I was bored and trying to change the channel every 30 seconds. But I was watching it on the PC.

No recommendation from me. Not even gonna follow it.

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