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Seitokai Yakuin Domo 1 and 2 – Plenty of facepalms and oi oi to go around

So what’s with anime lately?

Girls’ (yes I said girls, cause no realistic depiction of women have been featured) hygene, feminine bodily issues, fluids (you wish) and all that other stuff that make fetish films so popular in Japan are being ported onto my anime screen.

Watching episodes 1 and 2 of this show as well as Mitsudomoe (what the fuck is so “moe” about 3 little whacko kids running amok) has given me one year’s worth of facepalm moments as well as helping me winning 6 months worth the ability of calling “oi oi” moments every 5 seconds or so.

Oh it’s funny alright. It’s just that the classic dirty behaviors that used to be depicted by male characters (boys) and all that are now being demonstrated by female characters. Mitsudomoe is rather gross, so gross that it’s outta whack. TRUST ME.

As for this show, I trust now it’s not a secret that when women are around each other without any man in a group environment, where the girls changed clothing and other feminine accessories, they become their real human selves, act sloppy and sometimes even worse than guys, right? Seen Girl’s High/High School Girls? Yes, that anime/manga is f’ing accurate precisely because the author is a woman who went to a girls’ only high school and went through all that.

Yes, men. It’s now no longer a secret: WOMEN ARE SLOPPY!

The only time they are not is when they get to act all squeaky clean around men and so they get to tell men: “Clean it up!”

Bha ha ha ha ha ha ha – one more page stolen from women’s playbook.

But see, when there are guys around, women get conscious. So when Hikasa Yoko’s Student President speaks all her sexual fantasies as well as her hygene period out a loud, the entire thing ceased from being remotely plausible to out right far-fetched. Of course, unless the main guy is gay. Or with wuz power over 9,000.

Really, guys, do you think ladies would be attracted to guys like that? They’re practically just like women! And women who are gay are not attracted to gay men, as far as I know. OK, severely off topic.

Bottomline: Funny? Yes, it can be. Worth sticking around? Doubtful. Turn off your brain and eat it so you can follow it? I guess why not? XD

By the way, there are too many Hikasa Yoko characters running around. I’ve not given my approval to you, Hikasa Yoko! So don’t call yourself Queen of something of the ’10s! XD

Where’s Kugyu for the real twintail tsundere character???

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