Naruto Shippuden 29 Getting Back To Where We Started

After being drawn in to the story of a prankster Hokage wanna-be turned bona-fide ninja with the help of his (ahem) inner strength, there came a time there-after that the show just made me stop caring. Actually, it was after attempting to watch Episode 161 to be precise.

Naruto Episode 131 Stink

After that, I just stopped watching it all together. I had my fill of the filler arc. When Naruto Shippuden came out in February of this year, I was hopeful but not completely certain that they could revived it from the dregs of lost causes. The first episode was promising with the opening sequence, however, the story soon dragged itself into a much slower pacing (which some might argue has been a problem with this series all along). It is only after they veered away from the rather boring Bell Test in episode 3, that things started to pick up with a fight between Gaara and Deidara.

Deidara and Gaara

Afterwards, the show moved to a more even balance of story and action. From Kankuro’s battle with the obviously superior puppet master Sasori to Team Kakashi’s pursuit of (and ultimately battle with) the two fleeing Akatsuki members it had become again fairly engaging. Except for perhaps, Team Gai’s overly repetitive battle with the clones that never end…
Shippuden Progression

As good as it had been getting, none of these previous episodes had moved me in the way I was moved when I first fell in love with the series. This all changed in the 1 hour special that starts in episodes 29. Finally, we get to not only see Kakashi’s new sharingan eye in action, but a also a resurgence of the Naruto’s fox cloak.

fox cloak sharingan2

Overall all however, I suppose it was that slow build up to the emotional climax of that finally won me back over to Naruto again. As a teary-eyed Naruto stands over the body of Gaara and gives an emotional speech about weight that a Jinchuuriki (one possessed by a powerful tailed beast) carries through life, I couldn’t help but feel once again emotionally attached to this show. In fact I couldn’t help but think I must have gotten some salt in my eyes from the popcorn I was eating as they were for some reason quite dewy…

Naruto Crying

It has been a long road home with a hellish path though a nearly two year filler arc, but Naruto may finally have arrived back where it started and back where it belongs. To bad we have to wait till the middle of October to see what happens next…

Author: Jeremy

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5 thoughts on “Naruto Shippuden 29 Getting Back To Where We Started

  1. Is this the new Naruto show or something, because I’m from Pennsylviana and we still have the regular Naruto. Anyway csn you tell em more about Naruto crying and why Gaara is on the floor looking dead.

  2. Nicely said. Also yea October is a long time to wait… or the middle of October however.

  3. This new shippuden series makes me lol
    Its full of fillers D8
    and doesn’t show enough Pein x3 Pein rules! D8
    Watch it if you want but its a waste of time
    Read the manga
    but they mostly stand around talking. )<

  4. Clearly, Gaara is just to good for even, Naruto, Kakashi, And Rock Lee. Though. He’s changed, But it wont take that long for him to turn bad again.

    I wonder if he still use’s the same gimike, He’s been using “Don’t get in my way!” I lovei t when he says it. I ever wonder, If Gaara will actually be loved now, I felt awful when he was Ingored and pushed out of his own village.

    It didn’t even help, When his own father tired to kill him along with his best friend. Seems pretty much like my life, Now that you think of it. But anywho, That new book should be great, I hope I can at least buy it at some point! <3

    Gaara, Kakashi, Kiba! Great, Amazing people. <3 ;]

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