Morita-san is So quiet. So am I!

Fuhahaha, Morita-san wa mukuchi (森田さんは無口。). Morita-san is a quiet girl.

Yes, she seems to be very quiet and introverted, and she doesn’t break the eye contact during conversation, which makes people uncomfortable. And she thinks too much, so her facial expression is always dull. Her brain simply heats up. So, she can’t speak up. Thus, conversation becomes one way. By the time she decided to speak up, the conversation already went ahead and moved on to the next subject. Yes, Morita-san’s clumsiness is a selling point of this comedy.

Yes, that happens to me a lot whenever I see a cute-looking girl. Ahh, just a little accidental eye contact with a girl makes my brain overheated and my head go completely blank. One time at Starbucks, a cute barista girl waved her hand at me when I glanced back at her, and I almost dropped a Moca and spilled it all over the floor. Yes, indeed I’m hypersensitive. So, it’s hard for me to look up while walking. I wish Starbucks had self-checkout like local neighborhood conbini.

So, Morita-san is pretty much like me. But this type of person can’t do well in society. Socialization heats up her brain too much and wears her down easily. Thus, this kind of person needs more sleep than the average folks do. And the work environment is “oversocialized.” Oversocialization is detrimental to people like us. Thus, a lot of us become hikikomori, NEET, futen, welfare leeches, and so on unless you’re super smarty to be scientists or engineers, a profession that doesn’t require a lot of face-to-face socialization. However, even so, almost any type of work requires a certain degree of oversocialization. And this prevents us from dating. Ah, how much I’ve been wanting to go out with a girl, holding hands at a park, the ultimate skinship! Yes, romance is what I want the most in my life, I don’t need anything else! Even Schopenhauer said people would die of boredom if we don’t have romance!

Here in a world of grownups, capitalist world, i.e., 3-D, girls are just too busy to date. Or too oversocialized to date. The No. 1 excuse they always come up to turn me down is “I’m really busy.” When I ask, “Why didn’t you write me back? Why didn’t you call me back?” they say, “I’ve been too busy with work lately.” Yes, they use labor shield. They shield themselves with labor. Yes, labor shield is the AT Field of a modern man. So, that means if we abolish work, I can date as much as I want. Labor is the one preventing me from having romantic ecstasy! So, is school better than work?

In turn, school too is oversocialized since the birth of compulsory education. Clearly otakus didn’t fit in, thus ostracized. But I hear that it’s a recent trend for a lot of American high schools to have anime clubs, so otakus are more accepted nowadays. I mean, in America, the word “otaku” doesn’t have a social stigma like Japan. But still, even if it’s otaku-friendlier than Japanese schools are, school isn’t a place to have fun, but a farm to prepare kids for life-time absurdity.

It’s tragic that school has lost its real meaning. In school you should be able to have free time to enjoy romance. Ahh, especially high school, particularly a junior student, 17 years old! The best time to enjoy romance. Adolescent peak! Even Hocchan and Onee-chan agree! In fact, the word “school” came from schole in Greek, which originally meant “leisure.” Yes, “free time.” Pastime!

In a classroom, you ask her out, but she’ll say, “I’m too busy with my studies.” They come up with all kinds of excuses; have to do homework, write reports, research papers, work at part-time jobs, this and that. In other words, too oversocialized to date. “I simply don’t have time to go out with you!” So, girls use study shield; they shield themselves with studies. So, that means if we abolish study, I can date as much as I want. So, labor and study, they both are absurd. These two are the modern man’s AT Field. Why should we work and study if we can’t date any single girl?

School is supposed to have so many opportunities to go out and have a tryst. Yes, for ancient Greek citizens, everyday must have been school to them. Only slaves did labor. I wish everyday was romance. Yes, eternal adolescence. Eternal youth. Sanat Kumara. Even Yamada Yoji said Tora-san was an eternal adolescent boy. I want everyday to be school. So, we can philosophize and date. That’s what the real citizens do!

Yes, instead of “study and work,” it should be “philosophy and romance.” The word “philosophy” sounds too academic, so the word “daydreaming” might be better. Yes, dream and romance! MLK and John Lennon were dreamers. Morita-san is a dreamer because she daydreams a lot. But the modern world is too fast-paced. She doesn’t have enough time to think and speak. For these types of individuals, Yutori education is the best. Yutori is actually the one closest to the original concept of “school.” Right now, the world “schooling” means “oversocializing.” It needs to be changed to “dating, daydreaming.”

Morita-san is quiet. And 3-D is pretty harsh on her, and it just gets tougher and tougher, once she’s out of school and starts to engage in labor. Will there be a new change in 2012? Well, 3-D didn’t change in 2008. Therefore, all we got is 2-D at this moment. Staring at 2-D girls with sinfully cute cat-posing gestures, over-moetifying!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

2 thoughts on “Morita-san is So quiet. So am I!

  1. There was an anime club back at my high school, I missed the good old days. I know the people from the club during my Computer Art 1 class that I have to take in order to graduate. They also introduced me to Japanese animation. I thought it was pretty cool. Almost all of them went to art schools to become graphic designer or photographers. Ah….good old days.

    A clumsy girl friend wouldn’t be too bad. I always associate hapiness with clumsiness. Even though society does not prefer clumsy girls, I am all for it.

    1. @Jimmy J

      Thank you for the comment. That’s cool that you had an anime club in high school. How envious. Yes, art people are more open-minded.

      I love clumsy girls too. They’re cute! Yes, in capitalist society, clumsiness is not appreciated, it always requires us to be precise, fast, and efficient. I’m very clumsy too, so I like Morita-san. I feel close to her for sharing a common trait.

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