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Hayate no Gotoku S2 22 – Get some! Get some! Get some!

Get some fan service, that is. Not that there’s a lot of it, but just enough to feed me bunghole, of course. I’m not into cosplay unless it’s about a girl cosplaying as just gotten out of the shower and the towel is barely wrapped around her big bosom and full hips…Oh wait, that’s just naked! But for fans of nurse cosplay in an old fashioned way, please enjoy Maria being all nice and embarassed about that.

Nishizawa in her undies? Nah.

So, finally Nagi is turning into dere mode more and more and she decides to get a part time job. Epic fail awaits, right? Well, having actually great intellect, excellent taste buds in coffee, some experience observing Hayate getting it done and some luck, she gets the job done well. But on the other hand, Nishizawa looks like a moron who doesn’t know what to do at all. What, so being a horny teenager in love really disturbs the intellect? Wow, I miss these days.

Some fun manga and anime jokes and a cup of joe on top of some motivational verbal kick in the ass later, a great episode was done and of course Nagi and Hayate bonded again.

Where was Hinagiku? Oh, in the beginning doing a tiny little bit of her special blend of tsundere. Ito Shizuka-san, who’s our favorite seku-hara gal (as in dishing out seku-hara to other female seiyuu), daisuki!

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