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Beezlebub OAD and episode 1 impression

Now that was hilarious.

There have been shows and even movies about how single men just can’t deal with kids very well. Well, of courrrrrse! Taking care of child is women’s job! That’s why they got the tits and we don’t, rirrrrrrght?

(finding himself being chased by a bunch of claymore wielding ladies…)

OK, OK (barely escaping from the flash blade attack). So basic plots aside, why do I think it’s pretty funny (at least the OAD)? Well, first of all, the traditional setting of Demons and the Demon king is thrown out. Also, a quick and funny introduction by the baddes bad ass high schooler in town, inside of a high school with over 100% of delinquents (how does that work), with a kid that’s pushing the boundary of annoyingness but barely makes it. Also, my favorite seiyuu like Ito Shizuka playing the blond demon maid. Add some good pacing and all, and viola! It’s a funny show about a high school delinquent raising a kid. Simple enough?

Oh, the plot? Right. One day, a really, really, REALLY kind hearted young man was taking a nap, when a bunch of rough young men (it’s starting to sound like BL) decided to wake him. He was slightly, I mean VERY SLIGHTLY annoyed, so he decided to GENTLY teach them a lesson in manners. While doing that, he also did some laundary.Then, he saw a large middle aged dude with a funky mustache flowing down the river. Because he was SUCH A KIND HEARTED young man, he decided to save the floating middle aged guy. So, as he decided what to do next, the older guy splitted in half, and inside him (wow, now that sounds really BL) was a healthy little boy), so the young man decided to talk to the little baby boy. As the young man showed his NICEST and MOST PLEASANT face, the little baby boy decided to climb onto his back. Now, these two are unseperatable. And, they lived happily ever after….

LIKE HELL! XD To be continued in episode two!

PS. Oh yes, and Toyozaki Aki-chan’s female delinquent boss is really cute! Also love her sword techniques!

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